Weekend of Projects

We took advantage of our three day weekend by doing some fun projects that we just never seem to have enough time for in a two-day weekend.  For example, I spent all day Sunday catching up on my scrap-booking.  I’m really feeling behind in this, and I woke up on Sunday, determined to work on my albums.  I hadn’t even started Megan’s school book yet, so that was first on my list.  Kelly’s is up-to-date but I’m still on 6th grade for Megan.  I usually have these done in August before the next school year begins, but this summer, I guess my reading got in the way and it was much easier to lay on the couch or out on a lawn chair with a good book rather than organizing pictures.  Once I got started yesterday, I really had fun working on her book.  I’m glad to say that I still enjoy this hobby and wish I had more days in my week to get more caught up.

We used to have to write up our reports.

While I was scrap-booking, Kelly started working on her Science Fair project.  She did the actual experiment on Thursday evening and needed to write up all of her results this weekend.  So she made some graphs, typed information up and did some weighing with her scale.  It was a fun day for us both.  We accomplished a lot.  I finished 10 pages and she finished all of her data that will be needed at her science fair.

Today, I headed over to Cottage Grove and got my usual, Martin Luther King Day highlight.  I call it this, because we always have this day off and I’m always ready to get rid of my “winter hair” for some bright sunny highlights.  It always makes me feel better too.

Nate shows Kelly & fast way to dry her painting

When I got home, Nate was ready to do his project for the weekend.  He & Kelly got out the watercolors and spent an hour or so painting.  Kelly got a new set of fancy watercolor brushes and paper for Christmas and she was dying to us them.  The two of them made some really nice paintings.  Their goal is to try and do one painting each week for an entire year.  Sounds like a fun and great way to spend some quality time together.  I would love to frame these and swap them out every now and again to have around the house.

Nate's painting of Lake Superior...I took this before he finished.

Megan spent her day at the mall with her friend, Olivia.  They had fun hanging out and they each bought a new outfit using their christmas money.  They also went into one of those photo booths and had their pictures taken.  Very fun!

Now that dinner is done, we’re all just quietly hanging out and thinking the same thing…..yuck, we have to go back to school and work tomorrow.  Oh well, we had a fun three days off and that’s what counts.  It always has to end…unless we can win that darn Powerball!



  1. I can’t believe you compared your day of scrapbooking to Kelly’s report writing and then said “It was a fun day for us both.” I’m thinking she may have a different definition of fun…

    Nate’s painting looks great! You should have posted a pic of the final version and Kelly’s too.

  2. oh, I never thought of that! ha! But I did confer with Kelly just now, and she did say that she had fun working on her science project. So there!

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