Japanese Anyone?

Our Japanese table

Tonight we had Sandra & Jim over for Sushi night.  I can’t take any credit for this meal.  Nate made the entire dinner…three courses worth and they were delicious.  We started out with Potstickers, which were tiny wontons filled with a pork mixture consisting of some ginger, cabbage, soy sauce & a few other ingredients.  He shaped them into moons then fried them in some sesame oil until the meat was cooked inside.  They were so tasty dipped in soy sauce.  Mmmm…

Kelly serves herself some potstickers

With our next round, we needed to “cleanse our palate”  after the potstickers, so we were introduced to a new salad which was called a Cucumber & Daikon Salad.  We found out that a daikon, is a radish.  It is a very mild radish and not hot like the red ones you see a lot of in salads.  This salad was so fresh, crunchy and sweet.  It certainly did the job of refreshing our mouths.

the salad bar

The last course was the sushi.  Nate made three different types and we sampled them all.  He made California Rolls, which had crab, avocado, & cucumber in them.  Philly Rolls, which had smoked salmon, cream  cheese & cucumber.  The third one was Crunchy Shrimp Rolls, which had fried shrimp, cucumber & avocado.  These were my favorite, but they all were fabulous and so pretty to look at.  Nate has been working on his rolling technique and this was his fourth sushi meal he’s made.  Each time they turn out better than the last.

Rolling the Sushi is the challenge

Of course, it wouldn’t be an authentic meal without chopsticks, so there was no silverware to be found.  Each of us had to eat our meal using chopsticks.  I’m horrible with chopsticks, so I was the only one at table that used the “cheater chopsticks.”  Everyone else did a great job with theirs.  My sticks were connected, otherwise, I’d be really hungry still.

Megan shows off her skills

We did, however, have one minor incident which included the chopsticks.  Kelly was playing with hers (sort of sharpening them) at the table, when all of a sudden, one of the them got away from her.  Here’s the result of her negligence…….

Jim was the victim at the table...he was seated across from Kelly.

At least he had a great meal before the accident occurred.  What a fun night we had and Jim & Sandra brought along a wonderful white wine that accompanied the meal perfectly.  A Gewurtztraminer, from Chile.  I’ll quote Alton Brown from Food Network, “Good Eats!”



  1. What the heck? Where was my invite? Now that Jim is dead (thanks Kell) can I come with Sandra instead?? Nate knows I want to try sushi…love avocado, cucumber and crab…I’m just sayin’.

  2. Wow, I feel sorry for Nate having to make all those rolls. They’re time consuming! But your entire meal looks AWESOME so hats off to Nate! Can’t wait for you guys to try the raw stuff… 😉

  3. It was a lot of work for him and really only needed half of what he made. But we were able to give Jim some to take home and Nate took some for lunch. Not sure we’re ready to try the raw stuff. ewww…

  4. Sorry Aunt Terry. Didn’t know that you liked all that stuff. How about a Sushi Pizza next time you’re over?

  5. That looks like a lot of fun!!! I will have to watch for flying chop sticks around Kelly!!! Yikes!

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