Happiness = Pizza!

Chicken, red pepper & red onion delight!

This has not been our typical weekend.  Why you ask?  It’s been very quiet with no activities!  I actually read on Friday,  Saturday and Sunday and got my grocery shopping done early.  I guess this would go down as a one of those “great weekends” that go by too fast.

It has been nearly a month since Nate has made pizza for us….again, not typical around our house.  So he decided he was going shopping and making some spectacular pizza’s for dinner.  As always, we are never disappointed.  He made two kinds tonight.  The first was a red pepper, red onion & chicken with a red sauce as a base.  The second was a fan favorite…asparagus, pancetta and mozzarella cheese.  Mmm….how delicious it was.  Comfort food at it’s best.  It just makes us warm & happy inside on this cold January evening.

As I write this blog and my tummy is completely full, I am listening to Kelly play her wonderful piano pieces.  She is trying to memorize her two selections for her Festival Competition coming up in mid February.  One song is loud and boisterous and the other is quiet and so soothing.  I just love listening to her play. She tells me that C & G are her favorite keys because they sound so happy!   Not sure I would’ve thought of that, but I like it.   I think I need to find some piano CD’s so I can listen to that whenever I feel the need to relax.   I love the sound of the piano.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend too and maybe, just maybe I’ll have another quiet weekend sometime soon… in the not so distant future.

The girls' favorite...pancetta & asparagus.


One comment

  1. Yummy Yummy Yummy!!!!! That looks so good! I am waiting for one of those weekends! I am glad you enjoyed it, too bad we had to work on Monday, I was getting used to those Mondays off. 😦

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