What Color Do You Feel Like?


This week is “color week” at school.  There isn’t any special reason for it, just something to do during these tough, boring, cold winter months.  Each day you wear a different color.  Today was Orange & Yellow day.  I didn’t think anything of this “color week” until today, when I looked around and saw all of these pretty, bright colors.  It really cheered everyone up (adults, I mean).   It felt “springy” inside even though it was blustery and cold outside.   I guess wearing bright, cheery colors can change your mood a bit.  Tomorrow I’ll put on my spring-green sweater for Green day.  After-all, tomorrow is Groundhog Day and hopefully our weather will start to take a change for the warmer!   Hey, I can dream can’t I?

Another sign of cold weather is Girl Scout Cookies.  I just never understood why selling cookies, door-to-door, has to be done at the end of January or early February in Minnesota.   Tonight Kelly went and picked up 87 boxes of cookies that she will hopefully sell within the next couple of weeks.   I’m not a fan of selling these cookies, but people seem to enjoy them and they pretty much sell themselves.  They are tasty, but I wish you’d get twice the amount of cookies in each box.  I guess that’s why people buy so many boxes .  Good luck Kelly!   Oh yeah….dress warm!


One comment

  1. i think i need to go shopping for some spring wear,it makes me feel so happy all those bright happy colors.
    i am glad there arent twice as many cookies as i could just eat all those tagalongs in one go,dangerous!!

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