Soups On!

Can't you just smell it?!

One of my favorite meals to make and to eat in winter has got to be chicken soup.  Ah, the smell in the house alone, says “warmth.”  That’s what my house smelled like tonight.  When I got home from work, I put out all of the ingredients to make some homemade soup.  Fresh veggies, chicken stock, chicken tenders, pasta, and our secret ingredients….pesto & lemon juice.   Kelly didn’t have homework tonight, so she offered to cut up the carrots & celery.  She loves to peel carrots for some reason.  Maybe it’s a relaxing thing?

A chef in the making

One thing about living in the Minnesota and enduring these cold winter nights, it makes me want to cook those “comfort foods” as much as possible.  It makes me feel good when my husband and kids tell me how great something tastes and hearing all of those, “Oh Mom, this is so good!” during a meal, really makes it all worth while.  I love to cook anyway, so bring on the cold and I’ll cook up the warmth!

Okay Kelly, hand over the knife.


One comment

  1. Mmmmmmm….

    I made your chicken soup for company recently and they loved it too! It’s a perfect meal on a cold winter night.

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