Drip, Drip, Drip…

We're starting to see the deck again!

Ahhh, one of the best sounds to hear in Minnesota in early February, is the sound of melting snow coming off of your roof and dripping down onto your sidewalks, decks and driveways.   It’s nice to watch the huge mounds of snow, slowly downsize each day.  Even seeing puddles and driving through them, hearing the sound of the splash below, is welcoming.

puddles at the end of the driveway

This week we’re having a “heat wave.”  I can call it that because it’s going to be nearly 30 degrees warmer than it’s been just a week ago.  Above average temperatures are what we like to hear.  I know it’s not the 70’s but 40 sure feels great to us.  Even having the warmth of the sun beating down on your face, feels heavenly.   I’ll notice that when I’m out at recess this week and who knows…I might even take off my mittens for awhile!

These are the days that make us Minnesotans so cheery.  We’ve been through the “below zero” temps, the snowstorms, the shoveling and the slippery ice, so when the temperature starts to rise, so does our hopes of an early spring.  I know we’ll still have some cold days and maybe some snow, but for now, we’ll make the most of these beautiful, sunny skies and once again, get back outside and enjoy some fresh, warmer air.

Look! No snow on the driveway!


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