Food and Wine

My cool wine glass that can hang around my neck! I'm not kidding!

Yesterday, Nate & I spent the day out at Target Field at the Minneapolis Food & Wine Experience.  We had never gone to this before and my brother Jim had recommended that we try it some time.  We were a little hesitant after we saw the price of the tickets, but we gathered up our pennies and thought, “lets go for it.”  We weren’t disappointed at all.  We couldn’t believe the amount of food at this event.  Not just ordinary food, this was gourmet, top of the line food.  There was also over 350 wines to choose from, gifts galore and plenty of beer vendors as well.  We were covered.

When we first arrived at the event, we had to wait in line to get our “gift bags” and show our tickets and ID’s.  I turned around to see how long the line was behind us and I noticed the man behind us with this cool Lanier/necklace that holds a wine glass.  I said to the man, “Wow, is that cool!”  It turns out that this older couple are pro’s at this event.  They told us that we had to get one of these and that they sell them when we get it.  They went on to tell us some more about the expo and what we could expect to see inside.  They were very nice and pleasant to talk to.  Well it turned out that these people sort of “adopted” us for the day.  We kept running in to them and they wanted updates on what we thought and they smiled when they saw our wine glasses around our necks.  They also gave us their opinions on what they thought of the event being held at Target Field rather than the Convention Center, where it has been held in the past.  We didn’t care, it was just fun to chat with them every now and again.  We laughed about it and had fun with them.  I only wished we had seen them at the end to say good-bye and thank them for all of their wisdom of Food & Wine.

We also met up with my brother Jim and his girlfriend, Sandra.  They got there later than us, so we were going different directions by the time they arrived, otherwise we would’ve loved to walk around with them.   Maybe next time.

We did come home with some new restaurants that we’d love to try sometime and I wrote down a couple of wines that we’d like to try as well.  Overall, we had a great day and it was worth every penny that we spent.

A delicious display of mini cupcakes! We tried the red-velvet ones.



  1. next year we shall be there ,just so i can get my very own around the neck wine glass.Priceless.

  2. They have those wine lanyards at most wine expo’s around here. I didn’t want to look like too much of an alcoholic though, so I never bought one.

    What wines did you discover? You said you came home with a few to try…btw, Total Wine stopped selling the Layer Cake Melbac! I’ve been looking for it for a couple weeks now and finally talked to someone and they checked inventory. They said they no longer carry it which means they can’t get it any longer. I wonder what gives? I guess I should check the LC website, but I am still bummed!

  3. Cath, it’s funny you took pictures of the mini cupcakes. Sandra knows the owner and we ran into her on one of our breaks (she was also on break with a wine glass in her hand, lol) and finally made it over to her booth at the end of our day. Good stuff!

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