Birthday, Part 2

light em' up Kel!!

Kelly woke up today feeling much better.  She’s still a bit tired but was able to eat, drink and eventually be mobile.  By mid-afternoon, all was pretty good again and we celebrated her actual birthday by having her open her gifts.  She was very happy with everything she opened.  Kelly loves to read this book series called, Guardians of Gahoole.  There are 15 books in the series and she is up to number seven.  For Christmas, we had gotten her number 6 & 8 and couldn’t find #7, but were able to find it for her birthday.  We also got her 9 & 11, couldn’t find 10, but we’ll find it eventually or order it.

Our bookworm

Next on Kelly’s gift list was a new Kinect game called Kinectimals.  She played this after gift opening and it was a riot.  She gets to pick a baby cub to adopt and then play with it, teach it tricks, and feed it, all the while she’s going on a treasure hunt.  It’s very cute and very simple.  It’s nice to have some games that are just rated G.

Megan got Kelly a CD of Taylor Swift which we listened to and of course she needed a new piece of jewelry (what girl doesn’t like that), so I picked out a ring that she had her eye on at my jewelry party.  We also bought her a new t-shirt that she saw at the mall. It’s very cute and looks fabulous on her.  She’s one stylish 11 year old.

colored pencils that form a heart.

Kelly’s hobby is rock collecting.  Everywhere she goes, her eyes are always looking for that perfect rock.  I can’t tell you how many rocks I have found in my washing machine because she has collected them at the school playground, pocketed them and then forgot to take them out before washing her jeans.  Anyway, she brings them home, washes them and keeps them in special places around her room.  So Nate thought she might like to have a rock polisher.  He went online and found a professional rock polisher and had it shipped from Oregon.  We were fascinated with this machine and had fun reading how this all works.  The professional term for polishing rocks is called, “Lapidary”  So cool and I think she’s going to have fun shining those rocks and maybe even making some jewelry of her own.  Fun idea Dad!

The rock tumbler!

So after a slow start this morning, the day perked up and Kelly’s birthday was a successful one.  Speaking of the number one…..did I mention that she left one candle lit after attempting to blow out her candles on her cake?  We all know what that means?  Kelly’s not talking.

Oops, you left one!

One comment

  1. Happy Birthday Kelly!!! You are such a sweetie!!!
    I also love to collect rocks!!! some of them are so pretty!

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