Happy Birthday Kelly!

theater seating

Kelly turns 11 years old today.  She had her birthday party with her girlfriends yesterday.  The first thing on their list was to go to the movies.  Nate & I drove the 8 girls over to see, Gnomeo & Juliet.  It was a cute movie that everyone seemed to enjoy, along with an Icee to sip on.  One other highlight at the theater, was when Nate saw this movie board & couldn’t pass up this opportunity.  Check it out….

Blue is definitely his color!

After the movie, it was back home to open gifts, hang out and enjoy some pizza and popcorn.  Kelly got some great gifts from her friends.  She got a couple of games, some nail polish, necklaces, bracelets, Mad Libs, and even a basketball t-shirt.  Her friends really know what she likes.

Amanda shares her gift with Kelly

We let Kelly order the pizza’s.  She chose a Canadian bacon and bacon pizza and a plain cheese one.  They weren’t Nate’s homemade wonders, but they were a Take n’ Bake type that we could just pop into the oven.  They were a big hit with the girls. After they were done eating & headed downstairs, I made Nate & I are own pizza.  We earned some quiet dinnertime alone at this point.

Toasting to our 11 year old!

Unfortunately, that was the end of the party.  Kelly got sick about an hour after eating and we had to send the girls home and call off the sleepover.  Kelly’s friends all felt really bad for her and were so understanding.  We told them (and Kelly) that we will have a “Part 2” of her party this summer.  We’ll make another cake, blow out candles and have the sleepover.  They all liked that idea.

Happy Birthday to our sweet baby girl.  We love you Kelly!

movie & popcorn theme was cute

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