We’ve Got A Bingo!

Sheri & I hoping to win big!

It’s spring break and one of my highlights of the week had to be my eventful night tonight. My friend Sheri, emailed me a couple of days ago and said that some of the EA’s that she works with are getting together for Happy Hour and Bingo.  She wanted to know if I’d like to come along.  I didn’t have to think very long on that!  If someone says we’re going to play Bingo, count me in!!

What a fun time we had.  We ordered four huge platters of appetizers and beverages to go along with them.  Everything was half-price, so it turned out to be such a cheap evening.  Sheri and I split a $5 plate of chicken quesadillas.  Can’t be that.

Then it was on to Bingo.  We payed $1 for three cards.  A winning card could be worth $20 and up to $300!  So with blotter in hand, it was time to begin.  When we first got started, we were nervous that we wouldn’t be able to keep up, but then realized, it’s just not that hard to play bingo.   Just frustrating when you’re always “one number away!”  Nobody at our table of seven won a game, but we had a good time playing.  In between games, they had music trivia and our good friend Verna got a question right, so we hooted and howled over her big win.

Sometimes the simplest evenings out can be so much fun.  Can’t wait to go to Bingo night again~

Bingo Chicks!


  1. We played at Carbone’s Restaurant in Burnsville. It’s the old Benchwarmer Bobs. I guess they have this every Wednesday night. Maybe this summer we can go over & play.

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