Happy Birthday Grandma!

A handful of great-granddaughters!

What a fun day we had celebrating Grandma Kluge’s 94th birthday.  She is one amazing lady.  She still drives her car around town, runs errands for her neighbor, and still dresses in stylish clothes and jewelry.  That’s not your ordinary 94 year old, but we’re glad she’s not just plain ordinary.

We spent the day in Barron, Wisconsin at Marla & Ed Thompson’s house with plenty of family around.  Grandma & Grandpa Solberg and Chad & Jody and the girls drove from Sheboygan to celebrate as well.  Megan and Kelly always enjoy hanging out with their cousins.

Everyone always gathers around the food.

There was plenty of good food, wine and punch to keep us all hanging around the kitchen.  Nate started the party off by opening a bottle of Chardonnay…well, almost.  He had a little problem with the opener.  It broke!  But with Paul’s help, they managed to free the cork and pour some glasses.  I think Marla & Ed will be getting a little “gift” in their mail this week.

Nate gets the party rolling!

We sure enjoyed our visit and hope there are plenty more.  We love all the laughter, the stories, the food and being around family.

Girl time!

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!  And many more!


One comment

  1. Yes, Mom is doing very well for her years. She always was a “go-to” gal. Thanks for coming to the party and making it special for her. She said it was the best birthday party she ever had!

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