Nate’s Birthday!

Happy 47th birthday to my wonderful husband and favorite dad in the world!  Nate’s birthday started out this morning with a dusting of snow on the ground.  Not typical for April 16th, but hey, in Minnesota, anything can happen.  That wasn’t going to stop us from having a warm, sunny day inside.

Nate decided that he wanted to make steaks for us tonight, so he & Megan ran to Byerly’s to find the best Ribeye steaks they could find.  He also bought root vegetables to go along with them.  This consisted of potatoes, butternut squash, onion, parsnips & sweet potatoes mixed in with a little olive oil, garlic & rosemary and roasted in the oven.  Delicious and perfect for a cold, windy, spring day that felt like November.

These are going to be good!

The smell of garlic & rosemary was intoxicating while these roasted in the oven.

The birthday boy cooking us dinner.

While the food was cooking, Nate made Whiskey Sours for he & I to enjoy.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a whiskey sour.  I wish I would’ve had a picture of my face after my first sip…whoo!   Wasn’t expecting it to be so sour.  Pucker!  I never did finish mine, but Nate really enjoyed his cocktail and it’s his birthday, so it’s his choice.

Cocktail Time!

It was time for dinner and Nate cooked the steaks to perfection!  Medium-rare, just like we all like them.  Perfect!  I have to quote Nate after his first bite of steak…”Holy crap, that’s a good steak!”   I think he liked his birthday dinner.  Along with the steak & veggies, Nate & I enjoyed a smooth glass of Frog’s Leap Zinfandel.  It went perfectly with the steak.  The girls enjoyed a glass of milk in their margarita glasses.

Doesnt get any better than this!

Once we were filled with steak, it was time to open presents.  Nate enjoyed opening his gifts as much as we enjoyed buying them. He got a new umbrella, some books, cd’s, a golf shirt and new bathroom towels!  All of which he seemed to be excited about.

A much needed accessory for Minnesota & the golf course!

We did save room for Nate’s favorite birthday cake…. Black Forest Cake!  That has become a tradition on his birthday and we wouldn’t trade it for any other cake.  As he says, “We only have it once a year.”

Overall, it was a fun day.  Now we’re all full and hanging out on the couch watching tv.  I would say that if Nate chooses steak every year on his birthday, we would be okay with that.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband and best friend!  I love you!!!


One comment

  1. What a perfect birthday for Nate,good food & wine with his girls.
    My mouth was watering when i saw those steaks and i could just smell the garlic from the veg. I dont blame Nate for requesting that cake each year it looks divine.
    Happy Belated birthday Nate

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