Egg Bling!

Searching for eggs...

Tonight the girls colored Easter Eggs.  Tradition has it that we have to find something new and different each year.  We found a kit on how to make sparkle eggs….I call them easter eggs with bling!   The first part of the dying process was to fill the cups with the color tablets and then add  glitter.  Put the eggs in and let them sit for a few minutes.  When they took them out, they were “glittery” and very pretty.  But that’s not all!   After the eggs dried, they could add a special glue and make designs on their eggs.  Then the girls either rolled them in more glitter or added sequins.  These turned out so cute and very “blingy!”

As I’m sitting her writing this and watching the girls get all messy, it occurs to me that these could be quite tricky to peel when it comes time to eat them.  I think we’re going to have glitter in the sink, around the kitchen and on our hands for a very long time. I just hope I don’t get any in my teeth when I bite into my eggs!  Yuck!

Megan & Kelly made two special eggs this year.  They each dedicated an egg to their friend Kaleigh who died this past November. She was a wonderful friend to them and they both miss her a lot, as we all do.  I took a picture of these eggs and are sending them to Kaleigh’s parents & sisters.  I think they’ll really enjoy them.

Here are a few samples of our 2011 Easter “Bling” Eggs.

A cross for Kaleigh

Megan's thoughtful egg

One for Jazz!

Egg salad sandwiches anyone?

Have a wonderful Easter everyone!


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