If you are Catholic, then you know that today is Holy Saturday.  Well for me, it was just that….HOLY SATURDAY!  What a day I had.  I woke up this morning and had a nice cup of coffee and finished writing my grocery list.  Then I was about to jump in the shower when Kelly yells out, “I’m going to take a shower” and beats me to it.  After my shower, Kelly and I headed off to the grocery store.  Here’s where my first “note-to-self” came in.  The grocery store was so crowded that there wasn’t even a cart to be found.  Luckily someone had just finished bagging their groceries & dropped off their cart to us.  As we entered the store, people were everywhere and going in all directions.  Just because it’s a holiday weekend, why do people think they don’t have to follow the same every day rules of the store?  I don’t get that.  We saw carts in the middle of the aisles, people criss-crossing down the aisles, and shoppers totally oblivious that we are standing right behind them, while they decide to stop and read all the labels. What a nightmare.  Note-to-self… never go shopping the day before a holiday.   When I got home, a migraine set in.  No surprise there.  So I ended up laying on the couch with a mask over my eyes for an hour to get rid of it.  Saturday is looking good so far.

After the migraine disappeared, Kelly & I made a sour cream pound cake.  It was going to be our dessert tomorrow when we come home from the Twins game.  We made the entire cake and it looked & smelled great.  Once out of the oven, I let it sit for 10 minutes and  then turned it upside down to get it out of the pan.  This is where the next “note-to-self” comes in.  I had forgotten to ‘dust’ the pan with flour after I had sprayed Pam into it.  So my wonderful Bundt cake refused to come out of the pan.  I was so furious and tried running a knife around it, but it was no use.  I had to destroy it by scraping it out with the knife and ending up with cake clumps and crumbs all over my counter.  So sad and disappointing.  Note-to-self….always use flour in your cake pan!

Then it was on to church.  As I mentioned at the beginning, today is Holy Saturday so we went to church tonight because we are going to the Twins game tomorrow.  When we got there, we notice that a bunch of seats had “Reserved” signs on them.  That’s never a good sign.  Always means either a baptism or a first communion…which translates to “longer mass.”  We Catholics don’t mind going each week, but we expect and  like to be out in an hour.  ha~    Well this wonderful mass had both Baptism & Confirmation for our newest adult parishioners.  It had an extra reading, tons of songs, lots of extra prayers, and we had to sing most everything we said.  This was a bit much for me, because I like the old traditional mass where we speak and read.  By the time we finished, it was a two hour mass.  The girls did enjoy the candlelight vigil at the beginning.  It’s very beautiful in church when the lights are off and everyone is holding a candle.  The way my day had gone, it was no surprise, that my candle dripped wax onto my finger during the long song we listened to while holding our candles.  I’m pretty sure I saw Nate laugh a bit at me. One other thing that happened to all of us tonight was when we up for communion and headed back to our pew, the lady in a wheelchair was blocking our entrance.  We had to climb over her chair and onto the pew to get back in!  Hilarious…she had no clue and it wasn’t her fault, someone parked her there without realizing she was blocking.  Note to self….go to church on Easter Sunday from now on.

So that was my day.  I’m hoping for a great Easter tomorrow and that good luck will be on my side.  Hopefully I will have no “notes” tomorrow.

Good night~



  1. I dunno, Cathy. You’d better have a talk with “self”..It sounds like quite a day. We took our “Self” for a quiet day Monday. It was tired, but Easter was the best day of the year, so far! Go, Brewers!

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