Hanging out in her favorite bed

I took the day off of work today so that I could take our dog, Jazz, to the Veterinary Hospital.  We found out last Friday from our vet, that she has two torn ligaments and a swollen knee-cap and needed surgery.  They think she did this while running at a fast pace, then quickly stopping and turning, thus tearing the ligaments.  Ouch!

The hospital is located in Eden Prairie, which is about twenty minutes from our house.  She needed to be dropped off before 9:00 this morning.  Being that it’s a work week, I left an hour early and I also allowed for myself to get lost.  When it came time to leave, it was pouring rain outside.  This caused a major traffic jam that I wasn’t expecting at all.  I had been on the road for twenty minutes and hadn’t even reached the outskirts of Savage yet, which is the next town over and can take all of three minutes to get to.  I had a feeling I wasn’t going to make it on time.  I called the hospital and they told me to take my time and not to worry.   I was relieved by this and relaxed a bit.   Took me 50 minutes to get there.  I arrived at exactly 8:59!  Yes!

Once I got Jazz out of the truck, we headed inside.  As soon as we were inside, Jazz turned around and headed for the door.  I can’t blame her, I’d be nervous too, if I was having leg surgery.  She faced the door the entire time, panting and drooling while I filled out form after form.  When I finally finished and started walking towards her, she figured we were out of there.  Wrong Jazz…let’s go sit down in the waiting chairs.  She didn’t like that and wouldn’t look at me either.

The Technician came and got her within minutes and Jazz put on the brakes.  I had to help the girl get Jazz through the scary “double doors of doom.”  Goodbye Jazz and good luck was all I could say.   I was back home in 15 minutes!  A very different drive home  than the one out there.   Four hours later, I got the call from the surgeon telling me that the operation is over and that Jazz is already awake and doing well.  They are keeping her overnight for observation and drugs.  Tomorrow after school, the girls & I will go pick her up and bring her home.  We will learn what kind of follow-up we need to do with her when we arrive at the hospital.  She has a bandage on and stitches is all I know right now.

We hope her recovery is quick and pain free and that our Jazzy is out running in the backyard as soon as possible.


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  1. Hey Cath, I hope Jazzy is happy to be home and herself again! Pets are such a part of the family, don’t you think?

    I loved reading your blog again, and I just want to say Nate’s birthday cake looked amazing! wow! Sure didn’t look like 47 candles though…. when do we quit counting?



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