Pretty In Pink

Lounging in her new bedroom

After school today, the girls and I headed over to the Veterinary Hospital to pick up Jazz and bring her back home.  Wow were we surprised when they brought her out to us.  She had on this hot-pink bandage that covered her entire leg all the way down to her toes.   She looks so darn cute but we know that she’s in a lot of pain as well.

It turns out that she has to be contained to one level in our house for 8 weeks!  We have to walk her outside or anywhere in the house while keeping her on a short leash, in case she decides that she’s feeling “good” and wants to start running.  That won’t happen for a while yet, but will eventually happen and we have to stay tough and not let her run or jump.  We can’t even play with her or get her excited.  How boring is that?   But we want her to make a full recovery.  She has a metal plate in her leg that will help it bend and keep the bones in place.  We have to be sure not to take her through airport security or she’ll set off the alarms.

We have tons of physical therapy that has to be done daily and medicine to give twice daily.  Nate says we have to make a calendar just for her so we can keep track of what we need to do.  She’s going to get so much attention these next couple of months, that she’ll probably want a vacation away from us.

Both Megan and Kelly have been hanging out by her kennel tonight.  I even found Megan sitting next to her kennel doing her homework.  Sweet~    I think the girls will take good care of their patient and make sure she’s happy and comfortable.

Get well soon Jazz!


One comment

  1. Poor Jazzy,she looks so sad in there,glad she has two good nurses to keep her entertained.I do like the pretty pink,so what is the deal with signing the cast,her friends leave a paw prints on her cast.

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