It’s a Science!

Kelly shows of her medal

It’s Science Fair time again, so we headed down to Mankato for the day to hang out with Kelly at the Minnesota Mankato State University Field-house.  This event is held every year at this time and this was Kelly’s second year of attending.  She won a blue ribbon at her school which qualified her to come to the State Regional Finals.

Her project was on different types of rocks and how well they absorb water or if they do at all.  This lead to which type of rock or rocks would be good for landscaping and why.  Kelly did a great job on her experiment and chose this because of her hobby, rock collecting.

After the judges came through and asked her some questions and filled out their forms, she was off for a lunch break.  When she returned, she was pleasantly surprised and awarded the Grand Prize ribbon (which is purple at this event, blue is first prize). Getting a purple ribbon means you go on to the next and final round with the other purple winners.  Her final round was a good one.  She got 2nd place amongst her 5th grade peers in this Southern Minnesota Region, in the category of Earth Science.   Kelly was so excited.  She’s pretty consistent too, this is the second year in a row she got this ribbon.

Way to go Kelly!  We’re so proud of you and all of your hard work.

Kelly's project from the first science night at school.



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