Cadet Kelly

Crossing the "bridge"

As the saying goes…”when it rains, it pours.”  Another exciting day for Kelly.  She and her girl scout troop bridged today.  This means they move on to the next level.  She and the girls were Junior Girl Scouts for the past two years and now they will be Cadets for two years.  This means more opportunities to do work out in their community and to expand their friendships to other troops and or helping out the younger troops with projects. Of course, selling those cookies will still be on the top of their list.  Each girl crosses over the bridge.  They asked them to stop on the bridge, tell their name and say their favorite song.  Kelly’s song was, “No Matter What” by Karrie Roberts.  (never heard of it)  ha~

At today’s ceremony, Kelly’s troop was asked to perform the candle lighting ceremony and say a few words as they light each candle.  They did a great job with the help of their troop leader, Vickie.

The lighting ceremony was pretty

After awards, pinning and bridging was over, all of the girl scouts got together and formed the “Friendship Circle”.  One person squeezes their neighbors hand and this starts the friendship squeeze.  It goes all around the circle and when it’s back to the original person, the ceremony comes to a close.

Kelly plans on staying in Girl Scouts all the way through high school.  She really enjoys being with her girlfriends, doing projects and helping others.    Congratulations Kelly on becoming a Cadet!

Kaitlyn, Kirstyn, Vickie, Kira and Kelly



  1. Wow, Kelly, you’re really on a roll this week! Yeah! I’m so proud of you!

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