Happy Birthday Kaleigh

What a special birthday party we celebrated tonight.  Our friends daughter who passed away in November, would have been 14 today.  Her parents (Joe & Cheryl) put together a birthday party, outside at their local elementary school where Kaleigh spent most of her days.  Everyone brought balloons with birthday wishes to release tonight.  She was born at 6:11 a.m. so we let them go at 6:11 p.m.   There was a special prayer before hand and then we sang, Happy Birthday.  Her sister’s then released their bouquet of balloons followed by her parents.  After those were up in the air, we all let ours go.  The entire neighborhood fell quiet as we listened to the music and watched the balloons gently fly away up into heaven for Kaleigh to see.  It was only moments later, when the tears started flowing and the junior high girls could no longer hold in their emotions.  It felt a bit like the funeral all over again and those memories of Kaleigh came flooding back.  It was so beautiful seeing all of those balloons up in the air with a perfect blue background.  It was picture perfect.  There was a baseball game going on at the school yard during this whole gathering.  When it was time to release the balloons, the ump stopped the game, the boys took off their hats and they all faced the sky.  This really choked me up.  What a respectful act on their part.

heavenly wishes

Afterward we enjoyed ice cream and homemade birthday cake made by Kaleigh’s grandma.  We looked at pictures of Kaleigh and chatted with their family.  Everything went so well and I think Kaleigh was watching the whole celebration with a smile on her face, and of course, dancing at her own party.   Happy Birthday Kaleigh.  We sure miss you~

Grandma Pat's beautiful cake



  1. Wow. I am crying. Especially the part about the boys at the baseball game. Unreal & wonderful!

  2. Wow, Cath, this was really moving. What a special thing to do. The picture of the balloons in the air was beautiful. What happened to Kaleigh? I think you’ve introduced me to Joe and Cherly years ago?

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