Happiness is a Spring Day!

The deck furniture is back!

It finally happened…spring has arrived.  It’s only about a month late, but we sure have enjoyed the last two days.  Yes, I said two days in a row.  Temperatures have been 70 degrees and the sun has been shining and more importantly….no wind!  I have really had enough wind.  I’ve gotten ear aches sitting out at recess this past week because I wasn’t smart enough to wear a hat or earmuffs to cover my ears.  Who knew I’d need that in May!  Crazy…

With all this sunshine and warm temperatures, everyone was out mowing their lawns, planting flowers, bringing out the patio furniture, and just doing all those spring cleaning jobs that for some reason, we don’t really mind doing after our harsh winter.  Yesterday, I cleaned the screens and put them all back into the windows and we enjoyed fresh air coming through the house and the sounds of birds chirping all day long.

I’m pretty confident that I won’t need my sweaters much anymore, so I switched my closet over to summer.  I know they’ll still be some cool days, so the long sleeved shirts aren’t far away, but they are out of sight.  It’s nice to see capri’s, shorts and t-shirts rather than those bulky sweaters in my drawers.  And sandals!!!!   Got to get my toes painted tonight.

Today, Kelly laid out on a blanket and started working on a summer tan while I sat in a chair in the sun, reading my book and Jazz layed on a blanket next to me.  She’s still not allowed off leash, but she didn’t seem to mind the warmth of the sun.  It’s a nice break from the cone and the kennel she spends most of her days in.

Nate did some raking and mowing today but he couldn’t wait to make us a summer-type Italian pizza that he saw in the newest bon appetite magazine. It was a Roman-Style Pizza with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes.   It was delicious!  I think we could’ve even eaten it outside if the deck chairs were cleaned.  It was still pretty warm & nice out at dinner time.  Soon enough, we’ll be out there dining.

Doesn't that look good?

I really hope we have more of these days because it was so wonderful just hanging around outside with a pair of shorts on instead of layers of clothing.  I hope you enjoyed your day as well.

Think sunshine!


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