A Day Just For Mom

The best cards are homemade!

Today is Mother’s Day and certainly was a nice one for me.  I started my day by sleeping in until 9:15, then slowly making my way down to the kitchen and making some delicious coffee that I enjoyed next to the window in one of our comfortable living room chairs.  After my shower, I came downstairs, only to find two big flower pots & a present sitting on our living room table.  What a wonderful surprise…and it’s my favorite gift of all.  I get to keep these flowers and watch them bloom all summer long.  The gifts that keep on giving.  Along with those gifts were hand made cards from Megan & Kelly.  I love when they make these.  So creative and much better than a store bought one.  Such keepers.  What more could a mom want.

They already look so beautiful!

There was one wrapped gift on the table from Nate.  I had no idea what could be in this box.  I was pleasantly surprised with a new set of wine glasses!  I have broken so many of our other ones while washing them, that we don’t even have a complete set anymore.  ha~     I will take very good care of these and wash them quite delicately.  Love the “fishbowl” size.  We will try them out tonight with dinner.

"No wine glass is ever too big!" ~anonymous (ok..I made that up)

The rest of the day was spent mainly on the couch, reading my latest book.  It was raining out, so outdoor activities weren’t going to happen anyway.  I just told myself that relaxing on the couch is okay on Mother’s Day.  I enjoyed it very much.

While I was relaxing, Nate was busy prepping the dinner for tonight.  He made grilled pork chops with butter & thyme,  grilled cherry tomatoes, and perfectly roasted red potatoes.  I miss the grill over the long winter, so I requested this for dinner tonight.  The big surprise, was his dessert.  Blueberry Gelato.  He found this in a Bon Appetit magazine and thought he’d give it a try.  It was so delicious and the perfect sweet ending to our dinner.  He, too, is very sweet.  Always wanting to make me happy (and full). Blueberries are one of my favorite fruits, and this dessert was a winner.    The whole day was wonderful and I really enjoyed it.  Hopefully you had a great day too and if you are a mom reading this….Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

It was all so tasty!

My sweet treat!



  1. Cath, what a splendid day you had! What a treat to have time to read as well as your own private chef in the house! Glad you had a great day…. you SO deserve it!

  2. I always loved the homemade ones too. I still have Jimmy’s handprint from first grade! Your Mothers’ Day sounded super. Mine was too — had Peggy join us for dinner, and we had beautiful weather! Wish we could be together one of these years.
    Love, Mom

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