Memorial Monday

In Memory of the soldiers

It’s been a long week and I’m happy to be blogging once again.  I had a sinus infection & ear infection which really “took me out” all week.  Low energy, not much of an appetite and just feeling blah.  I don’t like being under-the-weather and accomplishing nothing.  I had to do a lot of catching up this weekend with chores, shopping, etc.   It feels good to be mobile again.   Another reason this week was so long was because we knew that layoffs were going to be happening in our schools.  It took until Thursday before they started telling people and I was fortunate to keep my job.  Some ladies have been in the district for over 18 years and they were let go.  So sad.

On to happier thoughts…Saturday night we went over to our friends, Terri & Tim’s house and gathered with three other families for a fun evening.  Our friends, Joe & Cheryl and their girls were there as always.  They seem to be doing a little better each time we see them and even some laughter throughout the night was visible.  It’s good to see them smile…it makes us smile.

We started our Memorial Day off with the sirens going off in Burnsville.  Turns out the storm went around us and now the sun has come out and with it, the humidity and wind.  Temperature is suppose to be around 81 degrees.  Perfect for grilling, don’t you think? Last night, Nate grilled up some brats.  Our kick-off to summer.   Tonight, it’s pork ribs, corn on the cob and potato salad.  A traditional Memorial Day dinner.  I’m hoping we can eat out on the deck as well.  Speaking of ribs….Nate is the master of making ribs, so today he decided to pass along the secret to Megan by having her make the rub and put it on the meat.  She wasn’t sure she wanted to do this because she gets grossed out looking at bones, but she took a deep breath and did her job.  Yay Megs!

Memorial weekend is also a time for getting those plants taken care of.  Nate took Friday off and got started with this task.  He worked on all of the gardens and  finished up on Saturday by putting out the planters in the front of the house.  It’s nice to finally see some color.  My job is putting out planters on the deck with flowers and herbs but I just haven’t been motivated at all to do this.  I truly need some sunshine to get me in the mood!  I know that sounds like a lazy excuse, but I’m sticking with it.

petunias & coleus

The birds around here are busy as well.  We’ve had chickadee’s building nests behind the basketball hoop, robins desperately hoping that Nate will just once, keep their nest up under the deck, and finches eating all of our thistle in the feeders.  Hard to keep up with their eating habits.   Jazz has the same idea as me….just lay around and enjoy some time off.  Her leg is healing well and we’re starting to see her use that leg a little.  You’ll notice in the picture that we have strategically placed our chairs so that she cannot go up onto the deck (her favorite place to lay).  She’s not allowed stairs for a couple of more weeks.  We’er hoping by then, she is fully walking on all fours again.

Jazz enjoys the sunshine

I think it’s time to shuck some corn and get the food on the table.  I hope you’ve had a wonderful, relaxing memorial day with family and friends and be sure to remember those soldiers on this important day.


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