Looks great in the backyard!

On Friday afternoon, Nate came home from work with a surprise in the back of his car.  He bought a fire pit for our backyard.  He and I have been talking about getting one of these for a couple of years now, but just hadn’t gotten around to it.  We wanted to be sure that the girls were old enough and were able to stay awake later into the night.  We have reached that age and they are so excited to have this.  They are both asking when they can have their friends over for a fun night of roasting marshmallows, eating s’mores and possibly even popping popcorn.  Nate wants to try roasting hotdogs for a late evening bite.  It all sounds good to me!

Last night, after a day of soccer, we decided to try it out.  Nate & Kelly started setting it all up around 9:00.  Kelly got the honors of “lighting the first fire.”  She loves stuff like that.

It was a beautiful night with very little wind.  We found ourselves so relaxed just hanging out and listening to music.  We couldn’t help looking at the stars and finding the big & little dipper.  We could hear fireworks off in the distance while enjoying delicious chocolate graham crackers, Ghiradelli chocolate and strawberry marshmallows (it was all we had in the house), but they were terrific!  Who doesn’t like chocolate and strawberries?!  Always a good combination.

I would say that our first night sitting around the fire pit was a success.  I think we’re going to enjoy this all summer long and having good conversation with friends and family.

Love that bonfire smell~



  1. Cath, this sounds SO nice! What fun! Your girls will always remember those fun nights by the bonfire…

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