A Girl and a Box

Rebeccah, Megan & Kristin and a box.

This afternoon,  I was sitting in my chair, reading my book when Megan appeared with her two girlfriends.  She asked me if they could have the box that the fire-pit came in.  It was just sitting in the garage waiting to be recycled, so I said, “Go for it girls!”  They immediately let out a scream of excitement and headed back outdoors.

I could hear them outside from time-to-time, laughing so loud that I knew I would have to get my camera out and get pictures of this activity.  I had no idea what they were planning on doing with this box, but I knew it would be something crazy, just from knowing these girls.

It turns out, that they were making a drawbridge out of that box.  Kristin braided the yarn on the door of the bridge, Rebeccah made some chairs out of styrofoam, and Megan was in charge of writing on the box, throwing scissors and making unique sandals out of the scraps in the area.  I’m sure she did something productive on the bridge as well, but whenever I went out there, these were the things I saw.   ha~

Megan appears to be distracted with scissors.

These girls always have so much fun together.  They can be so creative as well.   They make me smile & even giggle once in awhile. Some friendships will last a lifetime, I hope these girls are part of Megan’s lifelong friends.

I think they need a bigger bridge!


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