Birthday Party – Scene 2

A fun bunch of girls!

Back on March 19th, Kelly had her 11 year old birthday party…well, part of her party anyway.  It was going to be a sleepover party but halfway through, Kelly got sick and we had to send her friends back home.  They managed to get through pizza and the gift-giving, but that was about all.  So tonight, we had part 2 of her party.

The girls started out by playing badminton in the backyard.  Something they couldn’t have done back in March.

Where’s the birdie?

After that, it was on to croquet  in the front yard.  Again….something they couldn’t  have played in winter.  I think Kelly found that it’s kind of fun to split your birthday party in two.  You get to do a lot more!

There was some “sending” going on in this game.

After all of this outdoor activity, it was time to head inside for the important part of the night.  The birthday cake!  You can’t have a party without the cake, so we did make another birthday cake for the occasion.   Kelly managed to blow out all 11 candles, as she did back in March.  We were all waiting for her to leave just one (except for her dad).  Maybe next year.   The last part of the party, is the sleepover.  The girls are downstairs as I write this, popping popcorn and getting ready to watch a movie.  The night is young for them, but Nate & I did set a few rules on what time the lights go off.  I hope we get some sleep!

Our pretty 11 year old!

Well that’s the end of Kelly’s birthday for 2011.  Looks like everything is going well and everyone is feeling good.  There won’t be a Scene 3…thankfully.   🙂


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