A Day Just For Dad

Dad & his girls

Sleeping in late, reading the Sunday paper, enjoying a hot cup of coffee…this is how a Dad spends his Father’s Day.  Well, that’s how our dad spent his morning.  Today is Father’s Day and in our family, that means you get the day off to do whatever you want.  Nate had some plans of his own, especially because the US Open Golf Tournament happened to be on today, so that was on his “to-do” list this afternoon.   After reading the paper, Nate & Kelly took Jazz for a walk around the pond.  I’m sure she enjoyed that and it’s good for her leg to do some “on-leash” walking at a slow pace.

Later in the day, the sun started to peek out and we decided it would be fun to play some badminton out in the backyard.  We must have played for over an hour.  We had so much fun and the laughs just kept coming.  Jazz decided to hang out with us during our game…but she was hanging out a little too close.  We were in the middle of a game when she trots over, does a couple of spins, then lays herself down right in the middle of the court!   She’s so funny and I guess….so trustworthy that we wouldn’t hit her.

Fan of the game!

After the fun of badminton, we headed indoors so that Nate could open his gifts.  We had a couple of surprises for him.  His first gift was a box of chocolate golf balls (this went with his US Open theme for the day).

These won’t last 18 holes!

The girls both made wonderful homemade cards.  Megan designed hers using markers and Kelly chose to paint a beautiful sunset scene and added her own poem right on the painting.  They are both so thoughtful!

Then it was time to open his other gift.  When he opened the box, he found a piece of paper with a picture of a shirt on it.  This was all we had!  We felt so bad…but his gift didn’t arrive in time, so we went to the website and printed off the picture of it and wrote a poem about it.  Luckily Nate thought this was pretty funny and we all had a good laugh.  With our luck, it’ll show up tomorrow.  He seemed to really like the shirt idea, and he says he can’t wait to wear it.  I guess we’ll have to wait to see how it looks on him.  Then I’ll have to add that picture to my blog.  I let Megan & Kelly choose the shirt and I think they picked a winner.  He’s going to look great in it!

Next it was time to make some dinner.  I had recipe for Maple-Mustard Chicken Thighs, Corn-on-the-cob and Rice Pilaf.  Kelly helped by shucking the corn  and then Nate grilled the chicken.  The evening was perfect for dining outdoors, so we set the table, lit some candles and our torches and enjoyed a delicious dinner out on the patio.


Happy Father’s Day Nate!


One comment

  1. What a fun day you guys had! I love all the homemade cards and poems you do… those are priceless! How special that you got to eat out on your deck too… I love nights like that!

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