Puppies & Plants!

What do you do if the weather isn’t cooperating with your summer plans?  It’s been cold, dreary, rainy and cloudy for weeks now!  Our summer vacation hasn’t even had a chance to take off yet.  So I thought to myself, “What can I do to bring some sunshine into our day today?”  It was an easy answer….go see my brother’s new ten week old puppy.

Megan & Kelly wanted to take him home!

It doesn’t matter what the weather is like when you have this little guy around to play with.  He made us smile and laugh for two hours!   He’s a Red Lab, named Jake and he’s so adorable.  We couldn’t get enough of him.  He loves to lick your face, bite at your legs and most of all, he loved chewing on the girls’ hair.  After an hour of that, both girls put ponytail holders in their hair!  ha~

Kelly gets a sloppy kiss!

Jake gets to hang out all day up at the greenhouses with his half-brother Riley, who is now 10 years old (they have the same dad).  Mark & Peggy wanted to get a puppy now, so that Riley could “train him in” on the rules around the house & greenhouses.  He’s a great big brother who has to take a lot of “puppy-love” but Mark says that when Riley’s had enough, he lets Jake know who’s boss. Love that about older dogs.

Hanging with my big brother.

One fun thing that Mark showed us was how much Jake loves water.  He turned on this fountain and Jake just couldn’t get enough of it.  He just wanted to keep playing in this thing like it was a pool or something.  Mark says that they have to turn it off after awhile or Jake will keep drinking the water until he’s bloated and ready to explode.  He still doesn’t know when to quit.  He also wants, very badly to jump into the lake like his big brother gets to do.  Peggy won’t allow this yet.  She says he’s not big enough and she’s not willing to jump in and save him just yet.  He doesn’t get that he’s only 10 weeks old!  Mom’s know best!

A nice cool drink.

When customers are in the garage and paying for their plants, Jake usually has to go back into his “play-pen”.  He seems to like this arrangement but did whine a bit when the girls went to give Riley some attention.  So Megan & Kelly decided to split up and take turns with each of them so they both had equal attention.  Those dogs sure know how to turn on the charm.

Jake would rather be out of this thing.

We sure had a good time today and we didn’t even notice that crappy, cool weather….and that was the whole plan.  I did have a plan to buy something while visiting my brother too, not just visit the puppy.  I found some herbs that I wanted and then went home and planted them in some pots on our deck.   I would say our dreary day turned out to be a successful one!

Getting my herb garden started.



  1. Your photos with the puppy are ADORABLE!!!! What a fun day you had! Jake is full of personality… love how the big dog will train him in… that’s our plan down the road! Keep sending pix as he grows!

  2. Those are GREAT pics! He is SO cute and I can see why Megan & Kelly wanted to take him home. Probably a good thing you didn’t though. lol. Glad you hear you took a crappy weather day and turned into something fun!

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