Janet Evanovich Night!

We’re buds now.

Yesterday was an exciting day for me.  I was going to meet one of my favorite authors…Janet Evanovich.  I have read all of her books and have collected them as well.  Her newest book came out this past Tuesday and she was coming to Minnesota for a book signing.  I was all over that!   My friend Dawn & I got up early and drove over to Edina to get our wristbands for the event.  Janet has many followers and fans, she can easily have 800 or more people waiting in line for her autograph.  We didn’t want to be 800, so we got to Barnes & Noble when it opened and were lucky enough to get #246, #247 & #248.   This meant that we wouldn’t need to be to the event right at the start but rather about two hours into it, before our numbers would come up.

My sister Terry, my friend Dawn and I get together for our birthdays and make a night of it.  This was my night.  We started out by having dinner at a trendy restaurant called, Crave.  It’s been written up in the paper as one of the best restaurants in Minnesota.  We weren’t disappointed.  The food was fabulous, the decor was beautiful and the service was excellent.  My sister Terry was very interested in the light fixtures and even walked over to touch one to see if it was plastic or glass.  It was glass….just the many crazy things she’ll do out in public.  Makes me laugh!  Wish I had a picture of that to show you.

The three amigas!

While we waited for our food to arrive, I had some presents to open.  These girls went way overboard on the gift-giving.  I got a CD, scrapbook materials, a citronella pot for our deck, and two new books.  They know me quite well.  Very nice & thoughtful as always.

Fun stuff!

After dinner, our waiter, Anthony, surprised me with a complimentary ice cream sundae…complete with a candle which he lit for me at the table.  After I made my wish, the three of us tried very hard to eat it all, but we were so full, we had to leave a bit on the plate.

A delicious treat!

Now that we’ve stuffed ourselves silly, it was time to go stand in line to meet Janet Evanovich.  We didn’t have to wait too long, it was probably about 45 minutes. And when you’re with a bunch of chatty girls, time flies.  Once we got near the front, my heart started pumping a bit & some shaky nerves began for Dawn & I.  Terry stayed nice and calm.  Once we got to the table and said hello, we found that she is a very pleasant, smiley lady with a wonderful personality.  She’s very relaxed and was willing to take the time for photo’s & signing up to ten books, if you’d like.  The three of us, bought her newest book and had her sign it.   I told her that her books always come out the week before my birthday, so I always ask for that.  She signed my book, “Cathy…Happy Birthday!”   It’ll always be my favorite book from now on.  What a fabulous night it was~

Terry, Dawn & I with our new best friend, Janet.



  1. Wow,what a wonderful day and you deserve to be spolit .i guess there will be no talking to you now that you have mingled with the stars! I dont suppose she had a Ranger tucked away in the store ,now that would of been perfect eye candy for you whilst you girls waited in line.Love the photos.

  2. I don’t read novels, so I have no idea who she is (and you didn’t mention any of her books), but that’s cool that you got her autograph and picture with her in addition to having a great early birthday celebration!

  3. It was a awesome night!! Our best Birthday night ever! How are we going to top that? I am craving that cheesecake, I want to go back there.

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