Birthday News!

My family always goes a bit overboard!

I came downstairs on my birthday morning, to find many gifts laying on the table and one of them was quite large!  Later, Nate told me that he got up at 5:00 a.m. and was downstairs wrapping these gifts so that he could surprise me in morning.  Besides, where else could he hide this huge box.   Then he went off to work, so I had to look at these all day without getting to open even one.  I did lift a couple of them, just to see if I could guess what’s inside.  No luck, I didn’t have a clue.

Once the girls got up, I took them with me to get my birthday pedicure.  This is something I like to do for myself once a year and I knew the girls would love it too.  And yes, I brought my camera along!  ha~

Ah! Girls being pampered.

The girls loved getting their toes painted and massaged for awhile.  It was fun to listen to Megan because she giggled the entire time. She’s very ticklish!  We had such a good time.  Megan & Kelly went with a Fourth of July theme on their toes, and I went with a hot pink with flowers.  We’re stylish!

Pretty feet!

When we got home, it was time to make a birthday cake.  The girls wanted to make mine this year.  We have a rule in our house that you can’t make your own birthday cake.  Nate usually makes mine, but they’re old enough now to take on the task (with a little help yet from Mom).  I found a recipe for a Root Beer Bundt Cake that we all decided sounded good.  They dove right into the recipe and got to work.

Megan butters & flours the pan

Kelly works on the chocolate sauce

The cake turned out beautiful….until I tried to get it out of the pan.

My Bundt pan is old and it just kept sticking.  We managed to save most of it and it still tasted wonderfully rich and satisfying.   They worked so hard on it that it made me sad I couldn’t show you a beautiful picture of it.


We finished up that afternoon with the cake and then we had some down time while Nate was still at work.  The girls took a break and watched some tv while I read some of my book.  Then I got an unexpected surprise from my friend Becky (and fellow Bon Jovi fan).  She stopped over with a gift for me.  I opened it up and here was a bottle of Bon Jovi wine that she had ordered from his website.  A Petite Syrah, one of my favorites.  I had no idea Bon Jovi had a winery.  This wine is going down into our cellar & will be shared with Becky, my sister Terry (another huge fan) and myself, some night this summer out on our deck with my iPod playing in the background.    Thanks Becky!

What a fun gift!

The day keeps going…when Nate got home from work, we ate dinner and then headed out to Megan’s soccer game (I still haven’t opened any gifts and I can still see them!)  It was the last game of their season, so it was necessary to go and the temperature was around 95 degrees with a heat index making it feel well over 100 degrees.  They didn’t win their game but Megan made a nice shot right at the net but it just missed.  I was hoping she’d make a birthday goal for me.

Finally…it’s 9:30 and time to open gifts!  I started with the girls gifts.  Kelly bought me a beautiful silver necklace & Megan gave me a Barnes & Noble gift card so I can purchase some books on my Nook.  Love them both.  Nate said I could choose any gift of his, so I went for that large one I’ve been staring at all day.  I opened it up and found a new lounge chair for the deck.  My brother has one of these and I sit in it every chance I get.  They are so comfortable that you could stay in it all day.  I predict that I will do just that with my Nook or book beside me and a Diet Coke.  No need for anything else.  I’m set.

I look good in this!

I opened a few more gifts from my wonderful husband who is always thinking of me and knows me so well.  One thing he knows about me is that I’m always cold.  Soccer season has been a tough one this year with our Minnesota weather, so he has prepared me for next season.  I got a wool blanket!   I will faithfully keep this in the car/truck whenever we go to a game.  I kept saying to him, “One thing I need is a blanket!”  He listened.  Thank you hon!  It will come in handy.

The last gift I’ll share with you is another one to keep me warm.  A new Twins sweatshirt.  Nate & Kelly drove over to the Target Field just to get it.  So it’s an official one at that!   I put it on and it’s so warm and cozy, just what I need for a cool, crisp evening out at Target Field watching a baseball game.   And of course….for bringing along to Wisconsin!

For my Wisconsin Family.

I had a great birthday once again.  Thank you everyone for the cards, homemade cards and gift cards that you mailed as well.  It made my day special.



  1. Wow! You are very much loved!!!! What a birthday!
    I am so glad you had such a good day.

  2. Sounds like a neat birthday!!! But one thing: Those Twins sweats have to be left at the Wisconsin border! Green Bay Packer sweats are a LOOOT warmer!!

  3. That was the best birthday call I’ve ever gotten! ha~ Actually, it was nice to hear from you as always. Just wish once in awhile, we could get together.

  4. I go to Katy’s Nails over by the Gentle Doctor. Yes, I really like it there. Jamie Monteith goes there too. I ran into her last time I was there. funny~

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