A Week of Summer


It has been absolutely gorgeous around here.  We haven’t had any rain in over ten days, just hot, sunny days with a bit of humidity in the air.  We’ve been taking advantage of summer this week.  Wednesday was kind of a lazy day.  The girls missed their friends while we were away, so they just wanted to hang out.  I needed to do laundry and restock the groceries.  After that, it was time to sit back and relax.  Megan & Rebeccah found the perfect spot.  They put up the hammock, made smoothies and played on the iPods.  What more could two teenage girls want?  A great summer day for them.

Two peas in a pod!

Nate had the week off, so Thursday we headed out to our local par three golf course and played nine holes.  This was the first time out this year for the girls & I.  Nate plays on a league every Tuesday night, but we did our best for the first time.  Nate always gets the best score and Megan got the second best this time.  She shot a 50, which was fabulous.  Kelly & I rounded out third & fourth place but enjoyed ourselves non the less.  It’s a frustrating game, but with the right attitude, it can be a lot of fun…and of course, the scenery is always beautiful.

Friday night, we decided to have a good old fashion BBQ.  We took out a rack of ribs that we had frozen and Nate put a nice, flavorful rub on them, which marinated all day.  Then later in the day, they went into the oven for a nice, slow-cooking.  After they’ve been cooked, Nate slathers on the barbecue sauce and they’re off to the grill.  For my birthday, I got two bottles of barbecue sauce straight from a Kansas City restaurant known for their BBQ’s.  The restaurant is called, Jack Stack.  We didn’t get a chance to eat there while visiting Kansas City, so this was the next best thing.   I got a spicy sauce and an original.  We tried the original and it turns out that they make a pretty tasty sauce.  Can’t wait to have the spicy!

Original or Spicy?

Saturday was another hot day and the humidity was moving in.  That didn’t ruin our plans at all.  We went out to Lake Harriet and enjoyed a wonderful evening listening to the Minneapolis Pops Orchestra and having a picnic.  Nate & I enjoyed lobster rolls with a glass (or two) of Pinot Grigio while the girls had chicken salad and fresh pineapple.  Once we got near the lake, the weather wasn’t too bad.  There was a nice, cool breeze that kept us comfortable all night.

The Bandshell

Outdoor dining!

We’re at the end of the week today and it’s the hottest day yet!  Temperatures are expected to be in the mid-90’s with heat index over 100 degrees.  I think I’ll be spending today indoors, thankful to have air-conditioning.   Nate is going to be grilling brats for dinner and hopefully, the grill will be in the shade by then.  He & Kelly went to a special Meat Market called, Kramarczuk’s, in Minneapolis yesterday.  They are known for their fresh meats, so they picked up brats, polish sausage and keilbasa.  Can’t wait to taste these tonight!  No offense to our Wisconsin Brats…we enjoy those as well.  🙂

So that’s been our week and it sure was filled with fun activities.  Not sure what we’re up to this next week, but we’ll seek out some fun adventures, I’m sure.


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