Soccer Season

#14 - Blaze Bandit

Megan had an exciting week of soccer.  Her team played in the USA World Cup Soccer Tournament up in Blaine, MN.  It happened to be the hottest week of the summer so far.  Temperatures were well into the 90’s with heat indexes over 113 degrees at times.  Megan’s first game was against White Bear Lake (a Minnesota team).  They played about 3 minutes of the game, before it got delayed because of heavy rain and lightning.  They resumed play about two and half hours later.  It was a big storm that came through that town.  Playing soccer after all that rain wasn’t too much fun.  There were puddles on the field, which made the ball just come to a stop after it was kicked.  Megan said it was the hardest game they ever played because you had to kick the ball so many times just to get it down field.  They ended up winning the game and coming home very wet & muddy.

The second game was played on Wednesday.  Temperatures were going to be over 100 that day, not including the heat index.  Luckily, the girls had a early game at 8:45 that morning.  It was very humid and felt pretty warm.  We felt bad for the teams that had to play that afternoon.  Kelly & I sat on the sidelines with our umbrellas to shade us, spray bottle to “spritz” us, water bottles to keep hydrated, and snacks in our bags.  We were well prepared.  Burnsville was to play a Missouri team this round.  This turned out to be their best game of the tournament.  What an exciting game with lots of close calls, great passing and high energy by our girls.  They beat them by a score of 2-0.  Onto Thursdays game…the humidity broke for one day and it was an absolutely gorgeous morning to be sitting out and watching soccer.  Once again, Kelly & I brought all of our “necessities” but really only needed the water for drinking.  Unfortunately, the girls on the team forgot to bring all that “energy” that they had the day before.  They played a team from Champlain Park, MN that weren’t very good and could’ve been easily beat by the Burnsville Bandits.  The game was slow moving and ended in a 0-0 tie.   It was disappointing that they couldn’t score.  Then the Schwan’s Lady drove up in her golf cart and handed out ice cream cones to everyone.  That brightened up our day, once again and we forgot about the game.  ha~

After those three games, points are added up and Megan’s team finished in first place in their bracket.  Now we move on to the next round, which brings us to Friday’s game.  We found out the night before that we would be playing the other Burnsville team.  Kind of disappointing that we’re in this USA World Cup, which has teams from all over the world, and we end up playing Burnsville.  Oh well…it’s hot & humid once again and this time they played at 5:00.  As luck would have it (for us parents), the clouds came over and a cool wind was blowing for most of the game.  We were comfortable but the girls were working hard and sweating…as they should be.   The first half of the game wasn’t looking so promising.  The other team scored in the first minute of play.  Never a good sign.  They would go on to score another goal before the first half ended.  Then the Bandits came out strong the second half with a nice goal from a penalty kick.  They put the pressure on all the way to the end, missing a goal when it hit the crossbar.  Oh, so close!  But in the end, time wasn’t on our side, and the whistle blew.  We lost 2-1.  That was the end of our tournament.

So soccer season has come to a close for this year.  They ended on a positive note with some well played games.  Now the girls can take a short break before their tryouts next weekend, for next year.   I will stock up on blankets, rain-boots, umbrella’s, water bottles, etc…for the next season.  I will be even more prepared than this year.   I am a Soccer Mom~



  1. It does look a bit like the “Dead” doesn’t it? That’s what I think of when I think of Clay!

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