Food on a Stick!

Megan’s delights!

It’s not quite State Fair time yet, but it was time for Megan’s end-of-the-year soccer party last night.  One of the family’s offered to host the party out in their backyard.  They have an above ground pool, so the girls could go swimming, while the adults could spend time talking and having a good time as well.

Everyone was to bring either a dessert or salad to share.  I had this fun recipe that a friend of mine had given me some time ago, that she said was a kid favorite at her latest party.  I showed it to Megan and she was excited to make them.  They are called, Chocolate Kabobs.

First step was to get Megan to go with me to the grocery store.  This was the hardest step in the entire recipe!  This is not her favorite activity to do with Mom, but I told her that I wasn’t going alone.   These kabobs required strawberries, bananas, pineapple, mini marshmallows and chocolate brownie bites and chocolate sauce.  Of course, I threw in the rest of my grocery list as well….that’s the part Megan hates.  Ha!  When we got home from shopping, we washed & cut the fruit.  Mmm…did it smell good already.

An assembly line of fruit

Megan had the fun job of assembling these yummy kabobs.  She did a great job and made them all look the same.  The final step is to drizzle the chocolate sauce over all the kabobs.

Everything tastes better drizzled in chocolate!

Wow, did they look good.  Of course, we had to sample a little, to make sure everything tasted up to par for our friends at the party.  We weren’t disappointed.  They were delicious!

I think Megan could get her own booth at the Sate Fair and serve these!  Hey, they are on a stick!



  1. Yes, an awesome state fair item! Somewhat healthy too! Please pass along the recipe… in terms of what kind of chocolate is used, etc.

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