A Minnesota Winery

Yesterday, Nate & I traveled to Delano, MN with our good friends and neighbors, Sheri & Kevin Smith.  Why Delano?  We went to a wine tasting at the local winery there called, Woodhill Winery.  We also met up with my brother Jim & Sandra and their friends, Tana & Todd.  It was a gorgeous, sunny and very hot day, but we kept cool by sipping on their local wine.  We got to taste nine different wines ranging from whites, roses’ and reds.  Two of the wines had no grapes in them, they were fruit wines made mainly from apples, rhubarb and apricots.  We weren’t so big on those wines, but we thought maybe the apple wine might taste good on a cool fall night, sitting out by the bonfire.

We started out with the white wines and a couple of them were quite tart and we weren’t sure we’d enjoy a whole glass of that.  I wished that my camera was fast enough to catch some of the faces that we made while trying these.  It was hilarious.  I think Sandra had the best face on our very first glass of wine.  She took a sip and her face froze with a look on it that said, “ewww…I don’t like this.”  Cracked me up!

Sheri didn’t care for the tartness.

The boys in the group didn’t seem to mind the tart.

We did cleanse our palettes with some delicious chocolates, cheese & crackers, pretzels, and delicious dips of mustard, asparagus and bruschetta.  I think we may have enjoyed the food more than the wine.  ha~

A sweet & salty plate

After our tasting, Sheri & I took a walk out into the vineyard.  The grapes are still “young” so they were very tiny and still green.  We learned that they will turn purple/red in the fall as they mature.  Of course, some will stay green in order to make white wines as well.  It wasn’t a huge orchard.  This winery is only seven years old and they told us that it takes three years in order for the vines to produce a good crop.  Being a Minnesota winery, you need grapes that can withstand our winter months, therefore they don’t produce a lot of hearty red wines, such as Zinfandels, Cabernets or even Shiraz’s.  But it’s still fun to try the local stuff.

The gateway to the grapes!

A sign of a good tasting!

After the wine tasting, we decided to drive over to Wayzata for some dinner.  Being it was such a beautiful day, we wanted to eat somewhere outdoors.  We found the perfect place… Sunsets on Lake Minnetonka.  We sat outside, under the umbrella table and ordered some dinner.  As we dined, we watched the gorgeous boats come in to dock and the dinner cruises head out for the evening.  It was a perfect ending to a wonderful day spent with friends and family.

Tana, Todd, Sheri, Kevin, Jim, Sandra & Nate



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