Summer Afternoons

BF’s...Kelly & Marika

The humidity is down a bit today, so we can all enjoy going outdoors again, without breaking into a sweat within the first five minutes.  The whole neighborhood came alive.  I could finally turn off the air-conditioner and open our doors and windows.  Ah, the sound of the great outdoors…how I’ve missed it.  Lawn mowers were working, motorcycles racing up & down the road, dogs barking, birds chirping and kids screaming.  Okay, that last part about kids screaming was mainly in my yard and I’ll tell you why.

Megan went to the local outdoor pool today with her friend Andra.  Kelly had her friend, Marika come over to play.  They weren’t sure what they wanted to do, so I suggested, “How about getting out the sprinkler and keeping cool?”

Keeping cool!

They liked this idea and changed into their swimsuits immediately.   Do you know what it sounds like to have two eleven year olds running through a sprinkler?  Well I do.  It’s loud!!!!  First scream, “Ah, the water is cold!”.  Second scream, “You go first, go first!”. Third scream, “Now it’s your turn! I’m scared!”  All the while, giggling and laughing at one another with those high-pitched voices.  I was waiting for the neighbors to come out, but no one did…whew!  Our girls have always been the loud ones in the neighborhood, but that was when they were little, I guess some things never change.

I remember my friend Julie & I running through the sprinklers when we were young (and not so young).  After awhile, it can get a bit boring, so we’d make up a game that you had to go through the sprinkler a different way each time, never repeating the same way.  We’d each take a turn coming up with our special way, then the other person would have to follow and do it that way, then we’d switch. I remember doing a pirouette from one end of my yard to the other and passing through the sprinkler on the way.  We were pretty creative and I’m sure we looked a little silly, but we didn’t care.  We were having a blast and laughing the entire time.  Luckily my parents put a pool put into our backyard so we had a little easier and less embarrassing way to cool off as we got older.  ha~

Laughing & giggling continues, even in water!

After the sprinkler fun, Kelly and Marika found the hose.  They put on the attachment and started spraying each other….more screams!  Good thing we don’t have any babies in this neighborhood that take afternoon naps.

cue the screaming

Even though I make fun of the girls and their screaming…it’s one of my favorite summer sounds.  They’re having a good time, they’re outside hanging with their friends, and they’re making memories.  You can’t beat that on a summer afternoon.



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