Flower Emergency

Megan & Kelly sit out on the dock.

Today, the girls & I didn’t have anything on our agenda.   Nate was playing in a golf tournament, it’s a gorgeous day out, and I needed a “plant transplant”, so we thought of Mark & Peggy.  I have a hanging plant that Nate calls my “Gallagher Plant”.  It’s bald down the middle with ivy trailing down the sides, so it looks like the comedian with his goofy hair.

The Gallagher!

We also thought it would be fun to visit Mark & Peggy’s puppy, Jake, and see how much he’s grown since the last time we were there.  Of course, we told Mark & Peggy that we were there to visit them, but they were on to us and got Jake right when we arrived.

The girls started playing right away while I hovered around out in the greenhouses.   I’m always surprised at how enormous some of their plants get to be.  What a dream to have some of these pots around my yard filled with these glorious looking plants.

Would love to replace my hanging planter with this one!

This is all in one pot. So pretty!

It was really hot & humid today, so Peggy asked Mark to take the dogs down to the lake and let them swim.  I think she asked him this because Megan & Kelly were hinting pretty well that they wanted to see Jake swim.  So off we walked over to the house and into the backyard…Jake pulling hard on his leash to “go faster!”     Once we were there, Riley was off the dock in seconds, splashing around and cooling off.  Jake had to wait until Mark gave the okay.  Then they both got a chance to retrieve the duck that was thrown out to them.  Jake is still too young to pay attention, he just wants to do what big brother Riley does.  He’s also not allowed to go out as far as Riley.  So Mark has a certain way of training Jake to help him concentrate better.  It’s pretty simple…Let Riley go after his duck, then make Jake go the other direction after his duck.  He never gets to go first, otherwise he’ll forget what he’s suppose to do and just start looking for Riley.  It was pretty cute watching him leap off the dock and go after his duck.  He got tired after the third throw and learned that Riley will go out and get it for him.  Riley’s a great brother to have and so patient with Jake.

Puppies have to wait.

Keeping up with Big Brother.

Retrieving while keeping cool.

It was time for Mark to get back to work.  I had one more reason for coming out today and that was to see if the tomatoes were ripe yet.  They had some wonderful and tasty tomatoes that we enjoyed last year, so I’m back for more.  Mark & I strolled down “tomato alley” and picked a box full for me to take home with us.  When I showed Megan, she immediately started eating them.  I now have half a box!  ha~  Oh well, just another great excuse to come back out and spend an afternoon with Mark, Peggy, Jake and Riley…and Jack the black cat (who thinks he’s a dog).

Thank you Mark & Peggy!

Mmm...I see a pizza margarita in my future!



  1. OMG!!! The Gallagher plant TOTALLY cracked me up! I could picture the mustache and eyes on there. Hilarious Nate! Time to smash some watermelons!

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