In The Zone

Lauren & Kelly hanging out

Yesterday, my friend Karin and I, took a group of girls out to a place called The Sky Zone up in the city of Plymouth.  We met up with my sister, who brought a group of boys along.  The Sky Zone is a large indoor facility that is covered with trampolines all over the floors and up the walls.   You can purchase tickets for a half-hour, hour, or 90 minutes.  We opted for the one hour jump and thought that might be enough.  I think that was a good choice.  The kids were pretty tired, sweaty and thirsty by the end of their hour.

After you purchase your tickets, you have to go up to the counter and get your “jumping shoes.”  It’s very similar to bowling, where you get to wear those stylish shoes that never coordinate with the outfit you’re wearing.   And even better…a pair of shoes that many people have been wearing before you.  These shoes looked like wrestling shoes.  They were a soft, high-top style and very dark blue.

Beccah, Kristin & Megan model their shoes.

Once the kids started jumping, I was out to get some great shots of them.  It wasn’t that easy, but I got a few.  I even got my nephew Evan and his buddies, to stop & smile for me.

Anthony, Evan & Collin...the cool guys.

The trampoline room is set up with different sections to do different things.  One section is just trampolines, another section is called the Dodge Ball Room (self explanatory), and the last one is the foam pit area.  This area is pretty neat.  They have a trampoline set up at the start of the room and kids jump on that and fly into the pit.  They can do flips, jumps, twists, or anything they’d like.  The boys were pretty brave and we saw Evan doing some cool moves into the foam.  I wish we had posters made with numbers 1-10, so we could judge their flips & jumps.

These girls got some height on their jumps!

A perfect landing...well, almost.

The moms had a good time visiting and sipping a pop while watching the kids get a good workout.  It made sense to us.  Maybe next time, we’ll get in there and do a few bounces.  I have to admit, it did look fun.

Terry & Karin sharing stories.

After our hour was up, we headed back home.  It was quite funny to see us in the parking lot.  We ended up parking both vans next to each other.  Terry with a van full of boys and Karin with a van full of girls.  The girls out numbered the boys.  Terry said that we looked like one of those clown cars that people keep coming out of.   Terry wanted to join the girl van, so we took her picture with all of us before she headed back to Cottage Grove with the sweaty boys.  She was sad to leave us and we all hugged her and told her it was a great day.  I think she’ll need a “Girls Night Out” soon.  Ha!

Our Chick Van!


  1. Well now i see those stylish shoes my mind is made up ,i am coming next time.
    I love the photos ,my favorite,Kelly being swallowed by the foam in the foam pit.
    Glad everyone had a fun time.

  2. That does look fun. I want to go next time too. I only need 15 minutes though. I will be tired after that.

  3. It was a good time! I can’t wait until they open the new one on my side of the world in Oakdale. You and Karin & Dawn will have to come my way next time- double the size of Plymouth! Yes! I do need a girls night out- it feels like forever since your b-day. We have to make up a holiday remember??

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