The Pleasure Of Cookies

The last few days haven’t been all that fun.  They haven’t been bad, they just haven’t been fun.  I’ve been spending time cleaning out the kids’ toys from the garage, the basement and from the closets.  Work that is needed to be done, but has been put off all summer.  I think I get this way around August because I’ve been home more and the rooms start to close in on a me a bit.  I need to “cleanse the house” so to speak.  I’m also not a hoarder, as my sister pointed out and I love to get rid of things or donate them to others.  The girls did a great job of going through the playroom and downsizing for me.

Hmmm...what should we do with headless Barbie?

Kelly has a hard time with this, but she was able to let go a little more this year.  She got a little sad today when she saw the bags of goodies laying outside of the Salvation Army.   I should never take her along.  ha!    I explained to her that some little girl is going to get a lot of use out of her old toys and will be as happy as she was when playing with them.   She felt better after thinking about it.

Our house is looking cleaner and the rooms even look a bit larger than they did a few days ago.  So today I wanted to do something fun.  I decided to bake a batch of cookies.  I have this recipe from another girls blog that I’ve been wanting to try called, Rolo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Toffee Cookies.  Just the name makes me happy!  The recipe was pretty standard except for one step that called for melting butter until it is golden brown and nutty smelling.  I was a little nervous because I didn’t want to burn it, but I did great and it smelled wonderfully nutty.  Then I added that to the flour mixture and the rest is easy.

look at all those chips!

The next step was the “secret step.”  You take a scoop of dough, flatten it a bit, then add a Rolo on top of it.  Next, add another scoop of dough and wrap the Rolo into the cookie.  Roll it around and place it on the cookie sheet for baking.  A surprise in every cookie!

The hidden treasure

When these babies came out of the oven, it was impossible for us not to taste their gooey goodness.


A little slice of heaven in my kitchen.

Isn’t it great how baking cookies can make you so happy.  I’m glad I took some “me time” today and did something enjoyable.  I think my family is happy I did that too!



  1. Well, I have a little problem with “Non-Keepers”! You kids would not have enjoyed me throwing out all your precious “things”. Elfie, for example, went through surgery with Jimmy at age 3, and then came back to him for his 21st birthday!!! I do believe he is still alive….Cathy, you had stuffed pals that you only got rid of after you were married!!! I still have my pillow that I had as a child….”Junk to one person is a treasure to another”…AND! I have about 52 albums of photos that you all seem to enjoy! (and have forgotten)….

  2. You have been a busy bee over there , So you want to tackle my rooms now!
    Those cookies look so good,i want to give them a try but i think i need to sample a few from your batch first before i make my own!

  3. Mom, I donated things such as playdough, Barbie Dolls, baby dolls, jump ropes, etc…nothing too sentimental. We do keep those things. I even still have one of my original stuffed animals on my bed. So yes, I keep things.

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