It’s Just A Walk In The Park

Our first bridge we crossed.

I was checking my emails today and one of them was from my friend, Shelly.  She had pictures from her photo blog of a nearby park in Savage.  After looking at these pictures of her family, I closed my computer, got the dog leash out and asked the girls if they’d like to go for a walk around this park.  Kelly was eager to go, but Jazz was ecstatic!  She loves when you ask her, “Do you want to go for a walk?”  She’s out of breath and panting before we even get out of the house.  So off we went.  The park is called, Hidden Valley Park, and is located in Savage, just about a mile away from us.  We confused Jazz a bit because in order to get to this park, we needed to drive over to it.  She started heading down the road to our pond, and then I had to call her back and tell her to jump into the truck.  We promised her, she’d enjoy herself once we reached our destination.  She didn’t hesitate & took a big leap up into the truck.

Once we got there, Jazz was loving this new place to explore and Kelly and I were taking in the new sights as well.  It’s a very wooded area with paths that take you through the woods and bridges to cross with scenic views and the little river that runs through it.

A strong current today.

I had forgotten how pretty this park really is and how well preserved it is.  A large group of people  were gathered in the picnic area, most likely celebrating a birthday or having a family reunion.  Over near the park, another large group with kids everywhere enjoying the playground while the parents chatted nearby.  Kelly and I saw these people at the start of our walk, but once on the paths, those sounds just disappeared and nature sounds took over.  We heard a bullfrog croaking, many birds chirping, and the sounds of a little boy going off the trail and into the woods and pushing the tall grass aside.   We saw some really old trees with huge trunks, tree limbs that were in such weird shapes that we wondered to ourselves, “How did it get like that?”.

Kelly spotted this neat mushroom.

We kept walking and eventually we came to the spot that Kelly had been waiting for.  A chance to get into that water and collect some river rocks.  Jazz wasn’t so sure she wanted to go into that cold water but I kept encouraging her and finally all four paws went in.

Such a chicken

Ahh, this feels good.

Eventually Kelly found some really neat river rocks to take home.  She plans on putting them into her rock polisher and cleaning them up to make jewelry out of some of them.  “That’ll make nice Christmas gifts,” I told her.

A great find!

The most difficult part of our trip today, was getting Kelly out of the water.  She was enjoying wading into the water, looking for rocks, and feeling the current against her legs.  The water was cold, but she got used to it.

Looking for that perfect rock.

Balancing on rocks.

She said to me, “Mom, I could stay here all day!”  I know what she meant.  The sound of the river was so relaxing that I was looking around for a bench to just sit and take it all in.  There wasn’t one around though and Jazz was starting to pull on her leash.  I think we’ll go back again and leave the dog at home.

At the end of our trail, we took some time to look at the colorful wildflowers that were all around.  We saw yellows, purples, greens, blues and even some bright red flowers.  What a nice rainbow of colors on such a beautiful day.

A colorful view on our walk.



  1. This is one of our favorite hiking spots. Michael also loves wading in that water. I am glad you enjoyed it. It is a hidden gem in our city.

  2. Hey Cath, so fun to read this! Yes, it is SUCH a beautiful park nestled in the midst of Savage… what a treasure! While we were there, Ben said, “Hey Mom, this would be a great backdrop for my senior pictures”! I’ll have to remember that. Glad you enjoyed the park as much as we did today.

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