One Last Dip

There is only two weeks left of summer vacation before heading back to school.  Our local outdoor pool closes on Sunday and we were desperate to get one last dip in the pool before it all comes to an end.  So today we headed over and enjoyed a beautiful sunny day at the Redwood Community Pool with some of our friends.  We had a perfect day to sit outside poolside and chat with each other.  There weren’t very many kids there today, so the girls had lots of room in the pool.  They love it when it’s not busy.

Megan & her girlfriends needed to be careful not to get sunburned because they are getting their eighth grade pictures taken this Thursday.  None of them want red faces or burnt noses!  So they kept on lots of sunscreen and kept their heads in the shade while laying out on their chairs.  Smart girls!  They did go swimming as well on their last day.  I even saw Megan diving off the diving board a couple of times.

Beccah, Megan & Kristen relax in the pool

Kelly and her friend Lauren got out their goggles and swam around in the deep end.  They too, were busy jumping and diving off of the board.  Lauren’s Mom and sisters joined us today too.  It was DeAnn’s 39th birthday!  She’s still a young chick and played in the water with the girls while Karin and I relaxed in our chairs.

Ready to go swimming!

I can get used to this.

We all had a great time and are a bit sad knowing that we won’t be back here again until next June.  I say June, in hopes that it will be warm by then.  This year, we didn’t get to the pool until July because of our cool June weather.   It hasn’t been the greatest summer for outdoor activities, but we managed to get here three times.  This is one of our favorite spots to be in summer.  The water is clean, the snacks are cheap, and the company is always friendly.

See you next summer at the pool!

Kelly reflects on summer.



  1. 😦
    I am so bummed I missed it. I did not make it to the pool once.
    You girls looked like you had a great time. Yea!!!!!

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