State Fair

Yesterday we spent the day at the Minnesota State Fair.  When I say we spent the day…I really mean it.  We stayed for ten and half hours walking around, taking in the sites and events that are always entertaining.  One thing we have to go see each year, is the largest pig.  It sounds funny, but this animal is absolutely huge!  This year, the pig was named, Big Bill and weighed a whopping 1,192 pounds.  Now that’s a lot of pork chops & bacon!

Big Bill taking a nap

After seeing that big pig, we decided to leave the barns and head out to the fair and start people watching while heading to our first food booth.  My new favorite…deep-fried pickles.  I just love them.  While standing in line, we ran into our neighbors!  So funny, to go all that way just to talk to your friends.  Megan was thrilled because she wanted to go on a ride at the Midway that none of us would even think about going on.  Well, since Andra was there, the two of them went on this ride called, “Rock-It!”  So scary to watch but they were laughing the entire time and as soon as they got off, they went right back into line for ride number two.

All smiles!

A mother’s nightmare

Once off this ride and my heart was back to normal, we said goodbye to our neighbors and headed up to the Arts & Four H buildings to look at the wonderful art, photography and sculptures.  We are always inspired and amazed at what talent these artist from Minnesota have.  They range from kindergarteners to adults in all forms of art.  This year I saw this sculpture that I found so creative.  See if you can figure out what it’s made out of.

Love the bird on the mailbox

Ready for the answer….this entire sculpture is made out of return address labels.  All from the same lady.  You know how you get so many of these free in your mail?  Well, this lady found a creative way to use them.  I wonder how long she’s been saving them?  Cool!

We also stopped and watched the Extreme Trampoline Team.  They were putting on a show today and we just happened to walk past five minutes before it started.  This was unbelievable!  I wish I could’ve taken pictures of these guys, but I just don’t have the right kind of camera for that.  Extreme Trampoline is now an olympic sport which debuted in 2008.  One of the guys on this team is ranked #6 in the country and trying out for spot on the US Team.  It’s fun to watch and dangerous as well, so if you watch the 2012 summer olympics, be sure and watch some of this.

Heading back towards the food booths, we came across this fun area for kids.  Remember Mr. Bubble?  They are celebrating 50 years of bubble bath and this was so neat for kids to play in.  I wished that Megan & Kelly were little enough to go in here.  They weren’t, so I had to take pictures of these cuties having a blast in the bubbles.  Ah, the memories!

Bubble Blast!

Next we headed into the Butterfly Garden.  What a peaceful place to have some fun with tons of butterflies.  These butterflies were landing on people constantly and as Nate found out, they don’t want to leave!  We stayed in the garden for about a half and hour just enjoying these beautiful flyers.  Megan wasn’t so sure about having them land on her.  At one point she was yelling to Kelly, “get it off!”  We laughed so much watching her get nervous every time one landed on her.  Hilarious!

Putting on a brave face

The lighting wasn’t very good for taking pictures, hence the yellow photos, but I couldn’t resist and we were just having so much fun.  Nate’s so sweet, he attracted this pretty blue butterfly and it matched his outfit.  Nice.

Nate found a buddy

After all this walking, Nate & I were getting thirsty, so we stopped in at a local pub called, O’Gara’s and got ourselves a couple of beers to quench our thirsts.

Official State Fair drink

Perfect solution while hanging out listening to the Amateur Talent Contest at the Leinie Lodge.  After finishing our drinks & enjoying the music, Megan wanted to hit the International Bazaar.  She did a little shopping there and found herself and beautiful purse from India at a really great price.  It can also double as a carrying bag for school.  Love it!

Very fashionable

We ended our night right where we started…at the Birthing Barn.  When we first walked into this barn at 10:00 am, there was a very pregnant cow.  She gave birth at 12:30 that afternoon (glad we missed that)…but it’s still amazing!  Two years ago, we witnessed a calf being born and I can still see pictures of that in my mind.  Don’t need to see that again…ick!  There were also lots of lambs, chickens, ducks, rabbits and piglets being born throughout the day.  That evening as we were leaving, a mother pig had just pushed out piglet number one and the second one was on it’s way.  They have tv screens hanging up all over so that you can watch these live births.  We saw the umbilical cord hanging on this first pig’s back and we all decided to look away and head home.  Ewww…I know it’s natural, but I just can’t handle that.  This is why I never even thought about a medical career.  ha~

I found out something interesting this year at the fair.  I found that if you wear a shirt with something written on it, you may get comments throughout your day from total strangers.  I was wearing my t-shirt that my sister Terry game me for Christmas.  It say, “Wines Constantly”.  I had people say to me, “Hey, I have that shirt!”, or “Love your shirt!” and “That’s a great shirt!”  We were laughing about this all day and started counting how many “shout-outs” that I had.  I was up to four by evening but I couldn’t help notice how many people would look at me and read my chest.  Kind of uncomfortable, but made us giggle anyway.  If I would have counted the “readers”, I bet I may have been in the teens, for sure.

We had a great time once again at the Fair.  It such a fun annual event that we can enjoy as a family.  We tend to share the next day as a family as well….laying around the house because we’re so tired & sore from all that walking!  ha!

I got one!

My Kare 11 friends, Belinda & Eric (Perk)



  1. Well Cathy, this is the first time I ever left a comment on a blog.

    Loved the pictures, especially because I don’t think we are going to the Fair
    this year.

  2. What a super day you had,thoses butterflies were beautiful but i am with Megan,very brave Megan.I loved that huge pig Bill ,now that pig could be used for many bacon recipes in Food Network this month!You had such perfect weather too.

  3. Wow! Looks like fun! I am getting excited to go tomorrow! I will be sure to wear a shirt that says something across my chest! I have a wine shirt too ; D

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