Raspberry Picking

Excited to get started!

Today, I took the girls and Megan’s friend Rebeccah, out to Mark & Peggy’s greenhouses to do some raspberry picking.  Sort of a “getting back to nature” day.  When we showed up, Peggy took one look at us and said, “Wow, you guys aren’t really dressed for picking raspberries.”  City girls….we had on shorts and flip-flops and didn’t realize that these bushes are filled with thorns and they are not in neat rows like our neighbors with aisles to walk through.  First thing she did was go get us some bug spray (and I’m sure she was laughing all the way) but being the caring and loving sister-in-law that she is, we never heard her laugh or even break a smile.     Okay, so we head out to the field and start our picking.  I wished that I had a video camera with sound so you could’ve heard us.  I’ll give you some of the conversations…it went something like this:

“Mom, I have a rash starting!”,  “I am so itchy!”,  “Ahh, I just touched a larvae!”(think it was a maggot), “Look, I found a leaf bug.”  “what’s it look like?  “A leaf.” (lots of giggling after that.), “Ewww…there are so many wasps out here.”, “Yuck, I have red juice running down my hand!”  And lastly…”Mom, you have red stuff in your hair.”  Nice…thank goodness Mark & Peggy weren’t out there to hear us.  We sounded like such wimps.  We had such a good time, but we could only pick the raspberries on the outer edge!  We weren’t climbing into the middle where all the good ones were.  Too scary!

I could reach these.

Ouch, it hurts!

Kelly & I had a good system,  I would reach as far as I could and pull the bush close, while she picked.  It hurt a little because I had to grab thorns, but I was willing to do what it takes…well, to an extent.

There were a couple of good bushes in the middle and I would refer to Beccah and her long arms to help with those.

It’s good to have a tall friend!

Caught Megan eating!

After we were done picking, we made our way out of the garden (carefully) and the girls found this big sledge hammer.  It took muscle to lift this thing.  It reminded me of the Strong Man at the fair, back in the olden days.  So of course, each one of them had to have a turn picking it up.  What the heck is Mark doing with this out in a garden?  We never did ask.

strong girl!

We got back to the greenhouses and had to have our Jake & Riley time.  Mark calls it our, “Jake fix”.

Playing “fetch” & keeping the dogs busy.

While the girls played with the dogs, I headed over to the vegetable area and got some peppers & tomatoes.  Peggy surprised me with two lettuce bowls that she made for me.  One is Arugula and the other is a lettuce mix.  I put them out on my deck and we’ll be clipping from them all through the fall.  Love it!  Thanks Peg~

Pretty & edible!

Once we got home, I started right away on making a pizza and putting on fresh tomatoes that we had just picked.  Guess what was for dessert?  Yep, raspberry sundaes!  They sure tasted delicious, because we picked them ourselves!

doesn’t that look yummy?

Next time, we’ll show up in pants, long sleeves & have our own bug spray on already.  We’ll show them!



  1. You made me chuckle ,with all the comments whilst picking berries.The raspberries were delious so thanks for getting all scratched up i appricate it. The lettuce planters look great will they be put on your newly painted deck?A perfect day to spend outdoors.

  2. Cathy, looks like so much fun!!!! Yummy raspberries!
    Love the lettuce in the pots….gives me an idea for next year.

  3. Ha! Ha! Well, I will look like the good sister if I show up with jeans, bug spray and gloves to pick raspberries next time… thanks for the tip! Enjoy the berries- you gals worked hard for them. I would’ve loved to hear those girls!

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