Labor Day Outing

Today is Labor Day…it is also known as the last day of summer vacation.  Tomorrow the girls & I head back to school for yet another year of learning.  How did we spend our last day?  We relaxed out at a local park in Prior Lake called Cleary Lake.  We started the afternoon out by taking a three mile walk around the lake.  The weather was perfect for a long walk.  A little cooler than average, but it was nice and comfortable.  After the walk, we relaxed in our chairs and enjoyed the view of the lake.  Nate read a little, Kelly played on her iPod, and I checked my email on my phone and just enjoyed the sights and sounds around us.

view from our chairs

Once we were rested, Kelly and I decided to throw the frisbee around.  When I say “throw it around”, I mean it.  Kelly needed some warm up time with the frisbee.  She had me running all over the park until she figured out how to throw it straight.  I heard lots of, “Sorry Mom!” while I was off to find the blue disc.  After she got the hang of it, we had some fun.

There was a really neat tree near the lake that Kelly couldn’t wait to climb on.  The trunk was laying so that it hung out over the lake a little.  I knew she couldn’t resist climbing out there, so I was ready with my camera.

A room with a view!


Nature girl Kelly!

It’s fun to hang out at the park and just take in the fresh air.  It just makes you happy.

Summertime is good!

There were a lot of people grilling out at the park and the smells were intoxicating.  We had planned on grilling brats for dinner tonight and we were upset that we didn’t plan better and grill out at the park like everyone else.  So it was time to head back home and get our own grill going and make our yard smell that good.   Nate manned the grill while Kelly shucked corn for me and I prepared the rest of the meal.

Sheboygan Brats!

You’re probably wondering where Megan is?  Well, she and her girlfriends spent the afternoon out at the Mall of America.  A little shopping the day before the first day of school.  She ended up finding a cute top that she’s planning on wearing tomorrow.  She did join us for dinner and the rest of the evening.

Megan’s MOA find

Well, that’s how we spent our last day of summer vacation.  Next year, we’d like to get our friends and neighbors together and picnic out at Cleary Lake.  There’s so much to do out there and we’d love to take advantage of that.  We saw people playing volleyball, badminton, you can rent canoes, paddle-boats, and go swimming.   You can even bring your putters and practice on the green. We’ll be better prepared next summer with charcoal & food for the grills as well!

I hope you had a great day as well.

Happy Labor Day!


One comment

  1. Best wishes to you and the girls for a great start tomorrow! You closed out the summer so beautifully! I love the first photo on your entry… blue and black view of the lake and trees. Gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing. Hope we can connect before too long, my friend!

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