School DAZE

Here we are at the end of our first week of school and I feel like I missed summer break.  You start back up and it’s like you never left. The kids are a bit taller, their clothes look brighter, and the teachers have a bit more grey hair.   Other than that, the classrooms & the school look the same.  Here we go again!

Kristin, Rebeccah & Megan head off to school.

Megan started 8th grade this year at Eagle Ridge Junior High.  She continues to take her four Honors Classes, a couple of electives and this year she is starting Spanish.  Each day she comes home and tries to say something to me in spanish or asks me, “how do you say?…”  It was many years ago for me, so some things I can remember, others we’ll have to get out the Spanish-to-English dictionary that I still have and she will now use.  I’m excited for her and hopefully I can dust off my braincells and this Spanish will come back to me.  Megan plans on being on the yearbook staff again this year and will start up indoor soccer late in the fall.  She will also be starting her religious education classes and working towards her goal of confirmation in 10th grade.  Busy, busy, busy!

Kelly shows off her new top w/necklace

Kelly is in 6th grade at Hidden Valley Elementary.  Next year, she’ll head over to the junior high, but this year she gets to be “Queen of the school” and someone those little kindergarteners can look up to.  She’s going to be very busy this year as well.  She continues to play percussion and piano and sing in the choir.  She also plays basketball, is in girl scouts, and this school year, she was chosen to be a School Store Manager.  She gets to help pick out what they will sell at the store & keep track of how much money is made.  They hope to make lots of money because for every $1,000.00 made, they get a pizza party!  Very cool.   Now, we just have to remind her that there’s still homework to do!

I didn’t transition very well this year.  My first week back was a tough one.  I wasn’t feeling great on Tuesday, but I just took some pain relievers and got through the first day.  I got home from school and about an hour later, the flu hit me.  What bad timing!  So on day two, the girls are getting themselves ready, making breakfast & lunches, then heading out the door while I’m calling for a sub. Not good for me or my co-workers, but they understood and wouldn’t have wanted me there anyway.  Throughout the week, three of our kids went home after throwing up.  whoops~

I’m hoping that next week will be a little more enjoyable for myself anyway.  I felt bad missing the girls’ first day activities, but they caught me up on Thursday when I was feeling better.  That’s why my week was a “school daze”.  No cute picture of me this year.


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