It’s All About Dad!

My dad came to visit this past Friday and will be staying in Minnesota for a week.  He’s staying at our house until Wednesday, so yesterday we had a family get-together.  It was a beautiful, sunny and warm saturday…perfect for our outdoor activities.  Nate and I decided to do a Taco Bar and Margarita-style party.  Everyone brought something to share and we put it all out on the island and grazed all afternoon and into the evening.  We had so much food,  I didn’t even need to make the rice that I had planned to go with the tacos.

Leave it to Greg to bring Alligator!

Greg was very thrilled to bring his newest crave…Alligator Balls!  Eww…sounds gross, but they were good.  They had a tiny bit of spice to them and with a little barbecue sauce drizzled on top, they were quite tasty.  Of course, we teased him about these all day because he hyped these things up all week!  It’s good to try new things, but maybe we should come up with a new name for them.   Ha~ Thank you Greg.

Terry & I share some laughs.

Terry made a fabulous “fall harvest dip” that was made with apples, cheddar cheese, cream cheese/sour cream and a hint of cinnamon.  That was a fan favorite!  I would catch Megan in that crock-pot quite often.  She said she just couldn’t get enough of this dip.  ha~ I’ll have to get that recipe from Terry and make it some cool, crisp weekend this fall…perfect football food.

These two loved my Sangria!

Jim and Sandra were on dessert duty.  They brought along a delicious ice cream cake and Sandra made her signature Flan.  If there’s one person who can make this dessert, it’s Sandra.  What a treat for us when she makes this because none of us have ever made it and hers is delicious every time.  A rich, custard tart with caramel sauce spooned over each slice.  Mmmm…We love the Flan!!

Cool treat on a hot summer day!

Lindsey and Zach came well prepared with fruit kabobs and a “frogs-eye” salad that Lindsey said would go with Greg’s alligator balls.  The kabobs looked so pretty on the platter and since it was a hot day, the fruit was perfect choice.  The salad was nice and cold and was very refreshing with the tacos.

And baby makes three! Boy or Girl? They won’t tell.

A decorative platter

We can’t forget Anthony.  He was kind enough to bring the chips and salsa!  You can’t have a taco bar without that.   He picked some new chips called, Tostitos with a hint of Pepper Jack.  They were delicious and were very popular.  Again…we love to try new things.  Thanks Anthony!

Great smiles!

During the day, we had badminton games going on in the backyard.  I love this game because it’s something everyone can participate in and will no doubt keep us laughing the entire time.  It’s a good family activity that we’ve always enjoyed.  And yes, I love to still spike that birdie!  It’s a good stress reliever.  Sorry Ter…hee-hee

Evan & Kelly get the game started...others followed soon after.

It was such a fun party and of course, we missed having Mom, Peggy, and Mark & Peggy (and kids) there.  But we did talk about them and got updates on everyone and how they are all doing.  It’s tough to get us all back together at one time, but we do the best we can and I take lots of pictures for everyone.  I know Dad enjoyed the party because he told us at least five times how great it was to see everyone and thanked us over and over for planning this and getting everyone over to our house.  He appreciated it and we love having him here in Minnesota.    Anytime Dad!   Come back and visit soon~

Grandpa w/ the grandkids (and great-grandkid on the way)



  1. Well, I see what family has the talented chefs,a feast of fabulous food.Wonderful photos of the grandkids and I love the photo of you and your dad.A great way to spend time together.

  2. A treat to have your dad visit and a great party to get together with family! “Hello” to Ray. Interesting food selection… alligator huh?

  3. I wonder if Greg watches the same show my son-in-law watches,
    Nate teases me saying “Shoot em Lizabit, shoot em!!”
    I guess it’s from Swamp People.
    Your party looked fun!

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