A Frosty Start

This morning we had our first frost of the season.  Last night, Nate brought in all of our flowers just to be safe.  I’m glad he did, because we woke to 34 degrees, but we definitely saw some frost on the deck, the neighbors roof and patches on another neighbor’s lawn.  It wasn’t a hard frost, but enough to kill a few delicate plants that we still had outside.

As I was eating breakfast, Nate decided to put the plants back out onto the deck before he left for work.  They were very dry and in need of watering.  He filled the watering can and started pouring over the plants.  It was like a magic show began.  There was so much smoke coming out of the plants as he watered them, because the air was so much colder than the water in the can.  It was like seeing dry ice all around the planters and the smoke was rising into the air.  Next thing we know…I’m running up to get my camera and the girls are at the door watching their dad perform this cool outdoor experiment.  He loves doing that.  I think he should’ve been a scientist.

I need to get him a lab coat!

It was a fun way to start our school day and make frost seem….okay, for now.



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