Sixth Grade Party!

The hostesses, Marika & Kelly.

Kelly and her friend Marika, planned an ice cream party for today.  They invited some of the their girlfriends and decided to call it a “Welcome To Sixth Grade!” party.  It was originally planned as an “end of the summer” party, but it was difficult to get all the girls together on that last weekend.  They had a Hawaiian themed party, complete with lei’s, grass skirts, flowers in their hair, and a tablecloth with a skirt around it that decorated the island.

cute decorations!

The day started out with a fun game of badminton.  We got a new net that has numbers on it, so you can keep score.  That’s fun.  Nate set that up this morning with help from Kelly & friends.  It was pretty cloudy out, but once the game started, the sun came out and it turned out to be a beautiful day.  What luck!

Fun on the court.

Where’s the birdie?

After game time was up, Kelly took them all inside to play a couple games of “Minute-to-win-it”.  She and Marika made all of this ahead of time.  They are good party planners and very organized.  Hmm…I wonder where she gets that from?

Then it was time for the ice cream sundaes!  Each of the girls brought a topping to share.  There was peanuts, colorful sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolate & butterscotch chips, caramel, chocolate & strawberry syrups, Reddy whip, and the favorite had to be the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup mini’s.  Mmm…I had to try that myself.  Very good on top of vanilla ice cream.

Those look yummy!

Once the tummy’s were filled up, they headed out to the front yard where the croquet course was set up.  I’m not sure how they played without shoes on, but they did.  Ouch, if you have to send someone!   They did have an uninvited guest show up for croquet.  Our neighbors Golden Retriever, Murphy, came over to play.  He’s a big dog who really wanted to pick up the croquet balls and put them in his mouth.  Kelly ran after him with the mallet to distract him and got him to follow her back to his house and into the backyard. I missed that photo op because I had to run over and lock the gate that was left open.  We discovered that is how he escaped.  I wonder if he smelled the ice cream and wanted to get in on that with Jazz?  Who could blame him.

Jazz got to join the party at this point.

The outdoor activities were finished and the girls came inside and had one more fun activity…the limbo!  Kelly put on some music from her iPod and they were off.  I have to say, for sixth graders, they’re weren’t very limber!  That pole didn’t go down very far and they were falling all over the place.  Ha!      After that, they hung out and listened to the music and did some dancing.  That’s definitely a sixth grade activity.

Lauren ended up the winner.

Kirstyn got low!

They ended the party by Kelly surprising everyone and shooting silly string at them out in the caul-de-sac.  I guess that’s her way of saying, “welcome to sixth grade and happy party day!”

A great group of friends.


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