An Anniversary Hike

I love this guy~

Today, Nate & I are celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary.  He came up with the idea to spend the day in Taylors Falls at Interstate Park.  It was a beautiful fall day with cool temperatures, but perfect hiking weather.  We took the girls with us because we knew they’d enjoying climbing on the rocks and checking out the scenery from high up on the bluffs.

The first trail we hiked on was called, Summit Rock Trail.  This trail led us to a bluff which had a nice overlook not too far onto the trail.  Pretty easy hiking, even for me.

Our first view of the St. Croix. Minnesota on the left side, Wisconsin on the right.

This trail was a very rocky trail, but at one point, Kelly was leading the way and I said to her, “I don’t think we’re even on a trail anymore.”  Turns out, I was right.  After that, I started paying attention to those arrows on the trees that keep you on the paths. Thanks Kel.

The road less traveled....

We spotted some cool mushrooms growing out of this tree.

Try picking those for dinner!

There were so many places to just sit and relax.  My family chooses this spot!

They like to make me nervous.

Megan and Kelly just wanted the whole day to be a photo shoot.  They posed quite a bit and I don’t have nearly enough room to put all of their pictures on here.  We told them we’d come out here again to take their graduation pictures.  They liked that idea.

Kelly looks pretty with a fall background.

A pretty fall picture of Megs.

After hiking that first trail, we took another smaller one called, Echo Canyon.  that lead us a little more into the woods and back to the picnic tables and where we had parked. That meant it was lunch time.  We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed making our own sub sandwiches.

I made them go back to go the car while I relaxed by the lake.

Perfect day for a picnic!

Our view for lunch.

After lunch, we decided to hike one more trail.  This one was our favorite.  It was called the River Bluff Trail.  It was full of huge boulders, large tree stumps & really tall trees.   We loved climbing to the top and seeing the beautiful scenic views.

Megan & her poses!


Kelly thought it would be cool to sit up here.

Since we were on the Wisconsin side of the river, once we got to the top, we could see our beautiful state of Minnesota!  From up here on the bluffs, we could see more fall colors and the changing of the seasons.  So pretty, so relaxing, and very therapeutic.

The famous “Indian Rock”. Do you see his face?

The Taylors Falls Tour boat. We waved from high above.

So that was how we spent our anniversary.  We had so much fun and as always, Nate & I love including Megan & Kelly.  Family is important, even on a day that is special to the two of us.

Enjoying the moment.

What a great day and the night will be just as good.  Nate is making Osso Bucco with polenta and fresh green beans.  We will be enjoying a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape (it means…the house of the pope).  A wonderful red wine that is Nate’s absolute favorite.  A perfect compliment to his dish.


Happy Anniversary!



  1. Congratulations! It just slipped past us.. Seventeen years ~ that surprised me. You two make a good couple and we love you! Mom

  2. Number 17…Congratulations! Great photography! ( How come there’s always only three in the shots??) I liked two the of the Megan statue. Where is that located?? And the river with Minn on the left..I noticed the Wisconsin side looked brighter..Maybe not..! Where will number 18 be? Nice blog,,GPA S

  3. Happy Anniversary Nate and Cathy!! Looks like you had a perfect day!
    I haven’t been to Taylor Falls in a long time.

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