September Stuff

We Solberg’s have been keeping busy this last week of September.  I haven’t had time to blog at all.  It all started back on Sunday with me going to a jewelry party at my friend Sue’s house, while Kelly was at a Walk For Down Syndrome with her friend Lauren.  Lauren is Kelly’s best friend and she has a sister with Down Syndrome.  Katelyn is a smiley, 7 year old girl who loves when Kelly is around.  Kelly adores her and will help out the family whenever she can.  She has babysat for Katelyn a couple of times and they have a good time together.  The walk was out at Como Park.  After the walk, they spent their time doing various activities throughout the day, such as face painting, getting tattoos, bouncing in jumpers and just hanging out and having fun with these kids.  What a rewarding day for everyone.

Lauren, Katelyn & Kelly enjoying the walk.

Later in the week, Kelly had her first basketball practice.  The season officially starts the first week in October.  This year Kelly will be on the Traveling team.  This means lots of tournaments on the weekends but at least they are not far away.  Still in Minnesota and the farthest one is about 45 minutes away.  Nothing like that soccer stuff when we traveled to Kansas!  We can handle driving to Prior Lake and Apple Valley.  ha~

The next activity this week for Kelly was the first Hidden Valley Dance of the year.  This was on Friday night and being in 6th grade meant that she had to work a little.  She helped out at the concession stand, selling popcorn, chips,candy & water.  While she did that, I volunteered to help sell glo necklaces & bracelets.  Next dance I think I will try and get that concessions gig out in the hall that she had.  I had to stand at a table right next to the DJ in the gym with screaming music and screaming kids.  Wished I would’ve brought my earplugs.  But it was a fun night for us both and I enjoy watching Kelly and her girlfriends hanging out together.  They are pretty good dancers too!

On to Megan’s activities….while Kelly & I were whooping it up at the dance, she was getting a pedicure & manicure done with her friends Rebeccah & Kristin.  It was Rebeccah’s birthday on Saturday, so she had a sleepover Friday night with her best buds.  What a good time that was for a couple fourteen year old girls.  As usual…Megan got the giggles when they worked on her feet.  She’s so ticklish.

She’s a pro at this.

The next day, she and her friends all went to Valley Scare out at Valley Fair Park in Shakopee.  Megan won’t admit this, but she was a little nervous about going.  She was hesitant about the haunted houses that they have.  They are suppose to be some of the scariest in the state.  Luckily she and her friends didn’t want to do the houses and instead just rode the rides and went through a few of the haunted areas, such as a graveyard they had set up.  They did brave one house and Megan came home and told us, “It wasn’t that scary.”  Glad she gave it a try.  Maybe next year the’ll try a few more.  After Valley Scare, she and seven other friends had a bonfire out at our house and just chilled out and talked, as teenagers will do.

Nate was a hard working guy on Saturday.  He had his plans set that morning….but a few things were added to his “to-do” list as the day went on (and not by me).  He was just getting outside when the painter pulled up into the driveway and then another truck pulled up with our guy who supplies us with firewood.  I was laughing when I looked out the window & saw Nate with all these people out front, the dog running around wagging her tail at everyone, and neighbors wanting to chat.  Now his work just piled up (so to speak).  Getting all of that wood means that he has to split it all and stack it in the garage.  You can’t just leave it on your front lawn. It was so ironic that Chuck (our wood supplier) showed up that day because, the night before I had asked Nate, “Did you call Chuck?”   He hadn’t…but Chuck just somehow knew we were low on firewood.  He has that sixth-sense…scary~

We’ll be set for winter!

Saturday was the day our painter was coming to work on the house, so Nate took off the light fixtures and planned on spray painting them white to match the trim.  As he was getting started out in the grass, our painter (Glen) came over and offered him a drop-cloth to paint on.  Nate replied…”That’s why your the professional.”    The fixtures look great and our grass isn’t white!  ha~

A guy & his project.

While everyone was out doing their things…I was inside putting up my fall decorations.  I love when the house is full of fall colors and it gets all cleaned up.  I went out and bought a few new things to add to our collection and threw away some old stuff.

Spiderweb bowl w/ghosts, bats & glass beads.

Gifts from my “ghouls”, Megan & Kelly.

As for Jazz….well, she isn’t much help around the house but she sure is cute and very friendly to all who visit.  I think she had a good week too.

Enjoying the warm weather.

That wraps up September.  We had a wonderful weekend and the warm weather is suppose to continue for another week here in Minnesota.  Looks like we’re going to finally get that June sunshine after all.  Better late than never!    As for our Vikings…I have nothing to say about them, except that I’m glad I didn’t waste a 76 degree day, staying inside and watching them.



  1. You Solbergs know how enjoy your time off,Well done Kelly for walking for the cause you are such a caring young lady.Cant wait to see the house with its new paint and redecorated fixtures.Beccah really enjoyed the bonfire on Saturday,when is the next Adult one,now Nate has chopped the wood we will bring the sausages and wine.

  2. The photo of Kelly on the walk brought a big smile to my face, Cathy. She is such a dear. I can’t wait to see the “new” house!

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