There Once Was A House…

It all started back in the beginning of August, August 7th, to be exact.  Nate decided it was time to paint our house.  His first step was to scrape the white trim.  

He started out in the back, by the deck, and then moved farther along until it was time to scrape around the chimney.  When it was time to climb to the top of the chimney, he realized that this was really high up.  At this point, he decided two things…one – he can’t climb that high anymore and two – this job is too big for one person.  Our next step was to hire a professional painter.  My brother Mark, just had his house painted a year ago, so they gave us the name of their painter.  His price was right, so we hired him.  The only problem was that he couldn’t start painting until September.  We weren’t in too big of a hurry, so that was okay.   This gave us time to start picking out paint colors.  We had an idea of what color we wanted, but we needed to narrow it down.  We had three picked out that we thought might work.  We had Megan and Kelly paint each color on the side of the house so that we could look at a bigger samples.  All of the neighbors came out to watch and gave us their opinions, which we thought was very nice.  After all, they probably see our house color more than we do!  I also put a poll of Facebook to see which color would win.  The majority won and we ended up choosing our color called, Protoge Bronze, which was #2 on our wall of colors that the girls painted.

A big canvas to paint on.

Now it’s the end of September and our painter is all set to go….well, sort of.  We ended up calling him, “The Casual Painter” because he would tell us he’s coming on Monday, which he changed to Wednesday and then changed again to Thursday and we finally saw him on Saturday.  He never started before noon and finished up around 5:00.  He was a very nice guy, but just a bit chatty and relaxed about his work.  Drove me crazy!  One time, Nate was out working in the yard and I happened to look out the front window and they both had their arms crossed, talking and laughing about something they were chatting about.  When I saw Glen (the painter) get back to work, I ran out and told Nate, “Stop making eye-contact with him!”  That was our joke for the rest of the time he was over painting.  If we avoided him, maybe he’d get this job done sooner.

Okay, the house is finished on October 8th!  We made it.  But there’s still one more thing to do.  We bought a new screen door and that needed to be installed.  Nate was up for this task….and what a task it turned out to be.  It took him six hours to install this thing! He ended needing to drill holes through metal, through wood, put the door knob together and then onto the door itself.

Megan got involved with the drilling.

Getting started

It was a huge job, but he completed it and I think I only heard one swear word the entire time.  Amazing!!!!  It looks so good and we are very proud of his hard work.

Love our new door!

So in the end…there once was a house that was Tan with White trim and now it is Protege Brown with White trim and has a new screen door to match.  We love the new color and are looking good on Orchard Place!





  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! What a face-lift! I really chuckled when you talked about the painter taking his own sweet time… that would have driven me completely nuts! Great job on the new door, Nate! Those seemingly simple things can turn out to be such a big hassle! Looks like it’s all turned out SO good!

  2. Love the color! That was my color that I wanted when we were in Monticello.
    But Bob wanted gray, we settled on a darker gray then what he wanted.
    Nate is quite the handyman….

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