The Great Pumpkin Patch

Sam, Riley, Jake & Jake

The temperature has dropped and so have the leaves…it must be pumpkin time!  My friend Sue, her two boys (Jake & Sam) and Sue’s mom, Carol came over tonight and we headed over to my brother’s greenhouses/pumpkin patch.  Once we arrived at Marks, Sue had the task of waking the boys up.  They fell asleep on the ride over from her house in Woodbury.  It didn’t take long to get them awake, once they opened their eyes and saw two dogs and a cat who were looking for playmates.  Mark & Peggy’s dogs came running up to the cars looking for attention and then along came Jack, the black cat who thinks he’s a dog and wants to play as well.

Jack wanted to play with Sue’s scarf.

Sam & Jake were so busy playing with the animals, that Sue had to keep reminding them to choose a pumpkin.  They finally did pick out their halloween pumpkins and quickly went back to finding sticks to throw for  the dogs to fetch.  Boys!

Sam needed help lifting his pumpkin

Jake picked out a white pumpkin

While the boys were keeping busy, Megan & Kelly were busy tracking down Uncle Mark and asking if he’d take them out on the four wheeler.  Mark agreed to take them for a ride.  Kelly went first and he took her out into the field to pick her annual “snake gourds.”  Mark & Peggy plant these especially for her.  She loves to use them as decorations around the house, inside and out.  They’re really neat.  The boys thought they were cool too, so Kelly gave them one to take back to school next week and show off to their classmates and teacher.

Look out, it’s a snake!

Kelly’s other decorative gourds.

Megan is old enough and has had enough experience to drive the four wheeler by herself.  Mark still goes along, but he sure got a lot of hair in his face by sitting in the back!

Megan passed the drivers exam.

Once Mark got back with the girls, he asked Sue if the boys could go for a ride.  Sue said, “Sure, ask them if they’d like to.”  Mark says, “Sam, Jake…who wants to go for a ride?”  Both boys, dropped everything, and ran to Mark.  Jake raised his hand and said, “I do!”  Big smiles on both faces and they climbed aboard and headed out to the fields.  That was easy & they certainly weren’t shy around Mark.

Let’s ride!

Look at that smile!

Kelly cruises at high speed.

While the boys (mostly Mark) were out playing and having fun, we girls walked around the greenhouses and in the garage looking at all of the fall decorations.  Sue picked out a mum to take home.  Nikki was there working while her mom, Peggy was at home ordering plants for next spring.  It was fun for Sue to see Nikki again, it’s been a long time.

Hanging out with their cousin, Nikki.

Carol, Sue & I shop around.

I think the boys enjoyed their pumpkin patch fieldtrip.  I know we enjoyed going along with them.  This could turn out to be an annual event…not so much about picking the pumpkins, but because I think they’re going to miss Jake, Riley and Jack.

Searching for the Great Pumpkin!

We left Mark & Peggy’s and went out for pizza at Davanni’s.  We were pretty chilly from being outside in the wind and cool air, so warm pizza hit the spot.  Nate couldn’t go pumpkin picking with us, so he met us at the restaurant. We ordered up some delicious pizza’s and just had a fun time hanging out together.

"Hurry Mom, we’re hungry!"

Sam likes extra kind of guy!

cheesy goodness!



  1. Definitely looks like fun. It’s so strange seeing you guys all bundled up when we’re having above average temps and are still in the 90’s!

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